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) for Voddie Baucham Jr's book called, What He Must Be..he wants to marry my daughter....I know you are just asking a question about dating, but at the age of 11 its a good time for parents, especially dad to encourage their boys to spend the time preparing for one of the most exciting times of life..in my opinion that's not by dating, even though the interest may be there...letting your son know that this is a really special part of life and that girls his age may be trying to get his attention, (or he may start to be distracted by them) If he takes this time of life to begin developing his own character, one day the best will come.I don't wanna be overprotective, but I also in NO means want to seem as though I am encouraging sexual activity.....

Needless to say, my mom decided I wasn't going to be friends with this girl any longer. Kids your sons age think that one to three people means "everyone".

I have an 11 year old boy who's very interested in girls.

I have always been as open & honest with him in regards to anything he has ever wanted to ask.

If his friends are doing that then he may need to find a wider more diverse group to hang with. I have a friend who has 2 daughters that are just about my sons ages. He can meet a group of frineds at the movies that include girls, but not a one on one thing.

She would tell me since they were in 6th grade that someone was "going out" with someone. Call it overprotective, but I remember having a friend who got pregnant at 14.


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