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Aaron carter hilary duff dating again

Furlong was sentenced to five years of probation, 90 days of rehab, and a year of domestic violence counseling after he allegedly attacked an ex-girlfriend and broke her laptop.

In October 2016, Furlong was spotted looking "bloated and unkempt" with actress Monica Keena, with whom he'd had a volatile relationship involving multiple domestic abuse charges for years, reported the (2003-07) star Orlando Brown was sentenced to 180 days behind bars for a DUI charge stemming from an arrest in 2011.

Upon his release from jail in October 2015, he went to rehab.

(2001-04), was busted for possession of crystal meth in 2007.

According to , Bonsall was aware of the creep and even warned fans about him in 2011 via Twitter, writing, "I have an impersonator, his name is Nathan Loebe.

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Furlong married (2002) actress Rachael Bella and welcomed a son in 2006, but their marriage crumbled just three years later when Bella filed for divorce.In April 2015, Jackson was accused of allegedly stabbing a man at a party, but no charges were filed.Six months later, he was accused of allegedly stabbing a woman multiple times.He was 9 years old when he started working on the show, but says he left to cope with an addiction to methamphetamines, ecstasy, marijuana, and GHB.In 2011, he appeared on for allegedly groping a co-star in a drunken stupor and exposing her breasts.In 2009, after her son was born, Foxworth alleged that her baby's daddy, Michael Shaw, was verbally and physically abusive toward her. She even told Oprah's ) that Shaw is a financially and emotionally supportive partner—and that she's budgeting her residuals from the show and is in a much better place.In 2017, Foxworth was dragged into another Family Matters controversy when she was conspicuously left out of a reunion photo of the cast on the cover of , he was accused of throwing alcohol in his then-girlfriend's face and throwing her on a bed when she tried leaving their apartment in 2007.A series of disturbing court appearances and multiple restraining orders followed.In January 2011, Furlong was even put behind bars for violating Bella's restraining order.In 2015, Tatum penned a piece for , discussing sobriety and her evolving sexual identity."Now I've had a number of years of being present and clear, and that has changed everything in my life," she said.


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