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Most users don't use an Am EX exclusively so it may be seen as diminishing returns.Am EX also charges a higher fee to the merchant so they may reluctant to accept it for that reason.Sword Sparring: How to Safoly Sharpen Your Tai Chi Skills WORLD’S LEADING MAGAZINE OF SELF-DEFENSE 01043 — AUGUST 1999 Taekwondo Power Kicking Figldini Socrets ol Shotokan - Karate Why the Chinese Army Chose Ising-i Chuan THE PROS USE IT. Its double foam coverage on deluxe models REALLY protects. Its the only model with detachable chin protection. COm/^ Shihan Martial Arts Gear 539 Norwich Avenue Taftville, CT 06380 Voice 800-877-2647 Fax 860-892-4562 arc members of lcuin Straight Up x . ' Japan, K-1 Japflfl B '97&’98Chal '94 K-1 GRANI Find M. • Scientific profile of Taekwondo sparring • Structural system of counter attacking techniques • Method of dealing with opponents who use front leg for defense • Premier attacking techniques & strategies • Training drills and methods • Teaching methods BOOKS OY TEOC 8 UIINIHIES A complete guide to Mental Training for martial artists. • Highlights over 60 matches TMimoin Io Edu Gat Hmal Resource Center, he. The concept of a mixed-discipline event is based on established events that have taken place safely In Europe, Japan and South America for decades. ORDER #WALLID-5 ONLY .95 BRAZILIAN MASTER ^ WALLID ISMAIL fmn. ABVAKCD ¥ASrell CUSS - A TTACKm Am SSCAPm f SOM THS MOm POSim N Fighting from the mount, or top. It's the only model with special foam-based finger grip that doesn't irritate fingers. Its the only model that expands to accommodate head shape. * Picture of competitor's model for comparison purpose BACK VIEW EXPANDS fto Max Series Try one on. Now available at dealers near you, Q Rhe e Max i-8bo-air-chop(Z47-z«7) FOR CATALOG OR DEALER NEAR YOU THE ORIGINAL AND Inventor/Manufacturer of SAF-T* Gear INTERNET: We’re also confident that this is a beginning step to bringing UFC events The Ultimate instructional Resource for Olympic Taekwondo TIEIEIEICE IFTIEnn NIl FIEITIIC llllll III Learn the scientific sparring methods used by top Korean competitors and master coaches. Guides the insbuctof through teach- ing mental training to your students. CINCEnii TECimi HEE Includes: history, concepts, basic foot- work, training formats, attacking strate- gies, competition highlights and morel miyiini irlir iiri l Eh Tit smi l IHl It ITSIF TIEIEITFIGITS 3 video set highlights the best fights from the WTF international Championships l IGmi EITSOFIOIEIIN nimi Niuc MMmi NSRi PS • The Ultimate Battleground for Taekwondo fighting. ZII.43H1 Hslt ss It mnt.To Order Call Toll Free 1 - 877 - 286-4737 Cjjpyr.-^hte-J i Vi 10 BLACK BELT / AUGUST 1999 -blad^ belttimes^ to the state of Nevada.” Launched in 1993, the UFC created the fastest-growing category on pay-per-view television: mixed-martial arts com- petition. Includes arm bars, chokes, leg locks, attack to back, arm locks and more.Taekwondo Power Kicking: How to Get More Bang for Your Buck! Hubble offers a simple formula for maximizing the power of your leg techniques. 1 1 1 4) This is the only Taekwondo event in Korea for foreigners and for overseas Koreans. He also shows how to take your opponents back to apply a deadly finishing hold for the win. ADVANCED MASTER CLASS - AUACKS AND ESCAPES FROM THE VALE TUDO MOUNT, SIDE MOUNT AND KNEE-ON-CHEST POSITION “The Destroyer" Is a terminator when it comes to fighting from the Vale Tudo mount or top position. Seer body, legs and hands, plus get tips on improving stamina with interval and circuit training. Inside Advice Just for Women Martial Arts for Women by Jennifer Lawler is the martial arts hook that talks just to women. Jacob Jordan’s amazing book Total Mind Body Training, reveals mental and physical exercises that apply the tremendous power of your mind to martial arts training. TMT .95 Martial Arts Training Diary Finally, a specialized system to record your martial arts goals, techniques, progress, and ideas. Art Brisacher features hundreds of fill-in pages for your records.

:i CKWor '93 Karate The New Fighting Sport, K-1 , K being for the combined fighting styles of Kickboxing, Karate, Kung-fu, Kenpo and others, and the 1 representing first, has come a long way since its start and can now be considered the symbol which most represents the “WORLDS BESr . Toyrics include: goal setting, relaxation and breathing, meditation, imagery and hypnosis. In addition to reaching millions of homes in the United States, the UFC competitions are broadcast to Great Britain, Spain, France, China, Mexico and various nations in South America. is considered the dominate ground fighting position.Captcha Recognition Google (Re Captcha-1, Re Captcha-2), Facebook, Yandex, VKontakte, Captcha Com and over 8.4 million other types! Davis, 25, was identifiable unresponsive at 11 a.m.PST, said Jacques Charbonneau, a spokesman an eye to Notre Dame Sanitarium in Montreal. Subscription rates in the United States are one year (12issues plus yearbook), 832.00; two years. (Foreign countries add .00 per year lor postage and handling.) The publisher and editors will not be responsible for unsolicited material. We also recognize that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has a tough job on their hands, and they take their responsibilities seriously. Many of these techniques have never been seen outside Wallid's private training sessions The champ holds back nothing as he reveals detailed moves for passing the side mount, knee-on-chest and finishing submission holds. ADVANCED MASTER CLASS - ATTACKING FROM THE SIDE MOUNT AMD KNEE-ON-CHEST POSITION Get excited as Jiu Jitsu Champion Wallid “The Destroyer* Ismail opens your eyes to a new advanced series of attacks from the \ side mount and knee-on-chest position. “We be- lieve that the closer they look at how we conduct our sport, the better we will look in their eyes. Wallid teaches all the escapes needed to pass anc attack any opponent who has you in one of these position.Steve s 1 Gym 3 '96 K-1 GRAND PRIX Finalist WAKO World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight Champion Copyrighted Brazil, Kyokushin Kaikar} Brazil Branch ■97 World Weight Category Karate Tournament Heavyweight Champion Canada, Free The 5th World Open Karate Tournament Tt 4th Place U. Jean Rivierl K-1 GP '98 1st Round in Osaka Dome ^ (Japanese Language Version) Andy Hug, Peter Aerts Francisco Pilho, Rick Roufus K-1 GP '98 Final Round in Tokyo Dome (Japanese Language Version) ..more I CALL FOR INFO. TEL: 21 2-226-0090 (9r00am-pm ET) PAX : 21 2-226-0990 / Alicia E-mail : sales6Visit US on video clip usa U. A., Maurice Smith’s Kickboxing Center WKA World Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion. BIACK BELT COVER STORY Ron Van Cllef’s Chinese Goju Rodney Ley and Robert W. If you need, we will send you a sample itinerary and price list, which will be customized based on your dojang’s schedule and programs. 1) This is the biggest annual Taekwondo event in Korea, which is held at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. Size 00 I 2 3 4 S 6 BLACK a WHITE Any size; Prl C« 29.95 Camouflage, Yelkw, RMl, Qray Any sizei Pnce 40.95 set . Take downs Include single and double leg take downs, hip and leg throws, take downs off your opponents kicks and punches, stand up reversals that enable you to take down your target by getting to his back, and Important ** ways to defeat the take down when attempted on you.ISKA World Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion,, Former Ultim ate ^ Heavyweight U. Young explore the history and develop- Can Make You a Better Martial Artist I 32 ment of the comprehensive eclectic art and its founder. You may participate in the competition or just experience riie essence of Korean Taekwondo. The champ shows how to close the distance with kicks and punches to set up your take down attack. ADVANCED MASTER CLASS - ATTACKS AMD ESCAPES FROM THE VALE TUDO GUARD Tills is the only video you will ever need on Vale Tudo no-holds-barred guard fighting and only Panther can bring it to you! UFTMA .95 Weight Training for Martial Artists Discover the best ways to improve your speed, strength and power without losing flexibility.Tournament rules are simple, three rounds of three minutes each with 10 ounce gloves, ten-count knockdowns, two knockdown rule and no elbow attacks. Van Damme Movie Goes Straight to Video HOLLYWOOD, CA — Martial arts movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme recently starred in Legionnaire, which reportedly cost million to produce. KUNG FU UNIFORM Traditional Tai Chi style uniform 100% drill 8oz.cotton. 3 27.95 4 31.95 5 34.95 6 37.95 CHINO WU PANTS Panisi Elastic waist A eastic bottom, size 3,4.5 & 6 Any size 21.95 f 'COACHING Mnr Made of soft thick cowhide leather with thick padding. The champion reveals ways to escape the mount and attacks from the mount that have never been seen outside Brazil, Learn to create^^*^ a mount that is virtually impossible to escape from along with numerous submission holds tor taking your opponent out.Presented By Kazuyoshi Ishii Even the first time spectator will be more than excited by the 80% knockout rate that the K-1 events have produced. The movie will bypass theaters and be released In video rental outlets across the United States. 00 27.95 0 29.95 1 31S5 2 33.95 3 38.95 4 42.96 5 46.95 6 49.95 Single Judo Pant .95 pr. 3 26.95 4 29.95 5 30.95 6 31.95 COLOR KUNG FU SASH .95 pc. ORDER 4WALLID-6 ONLY .95 BUY ANY 6 PANTHER VIDEOS ONLY YOU SAVE BUY ANY ID PANTHER VIDEOS ONLY S1S9^^! ADVANCED MASTER CLASS - BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU FIGHTING FIT WORKOUT ROUTINE \ LEARN THE MOVES THATGAVE WALUDHIS r A m ORIC f ^ ■ WIN0VER3 TOPBRACl Ey FIGHTERS!Tai Chi and the Blade: Can Sword Sparring Really Sharpen Your Skills? For more information and froo broihuro M, ploa$o tall us at.*. Includes games, puzzles, fill-in pages and activities.96 Chris Luth teaches tai chi students how to incorporate safe sword sparring into their workout. FOUR SEASONS TOURS & TRAWEI 3435 Wiishire Bivd., Ste. MATTER .95 Ultimate Kicking Drills Video Dozens of kicking drills, exercises, techniques and tips to put you on the road to measurable, scientific im- provement that will increase your flexibility, conditioning, speed, and strengthening.


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