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Are calleigh and eric dating

" Calleigh asked curiously as they got out of the Hummer. I mean, we still have evidence to examine and…""And it'll be there when we get back," Horatio told her going around to her and putting his arm around her back and guiding her towards the entrance.

"Now, remember there were ground rules for you returning back to work?

Calleigh/Horatio Genres: Angst, Case, Character Study, Drama, Friendship, Hurt Comfort, Pre-relationship, Suspense Characters: Calleigh Duquesne, Horatio Caine Warnings: None Rating: PG-13Chapter: 9 "Our Date"Author's Notes This is the final chapter of this story.

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He normally didn't get time with just Calleigh, but he had made it so that he got to see her for at least an hour alone everyday during work hours.

I lost track of time…" She actually hadn't, but it was a good excuse.

Calleigh had just wanted to check on all the evidence in the case she was working for before breaking for lunch.

Fanfiction(dot)net only allows authors to only respond to signed comments.…………………………………Friday – 1315ESTCrime Lab"Isn't it too soon for you to be back?

" Eric asked when he saw Calleigh enter the fingerprint lab.


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