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He just smiled in her direction and then nodded to Eric before following after her.……………………………….

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Even with Horatio as company it had been too much downtime. It was enough to run, and I got a match with priors," Eric told her before pulling up the perp's picture and information.

"I've already promised that I'd sit down as much as possible," she explained and then motioned to herself, "See…sitting."Eric smirked, "I see that. "Liam Marken, he's got priors for grand theft auto and attempted rape." Eric watched Calleigh take in the information, and noticed that she looked fine…normal…but it didn't stop the worry.

Horatio held out his hand and took Calleigh's holding onto it as she got down from the stool.

"If you'll excuse us, Eric, I promised to make sure that Calleigh actually eats more than a granola bar.""There is nothing wrong with granola bars," Calleigh argued as she let go of Horatio's hand and headed out of the lab ahead of him.


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