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Bindingsource not updating

Hi I have an issue with binding in xamarin forms when i am using tableview with image cells.

I set the binding with var result = new Image Cell() and then result. Detail Property,"Item Image"); than i code after change of Item Image i call calling On Property Changed("Item Image"); but the image on screen remains same as before change.

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If I don't do anything to the Data Set other than load data normally through Table Adapters everything works fine.In order to avoid it, you can cancel the Rad Drop Down List. It is appropriate to use a flag in order to store whether the selection change operation is allowed.Thank you Dess for your reply, but this is one solution I was not looking for.What I have observed is that by calling Accept Changes() when initialising the Data Set BEFORE opening the form causes the above problem."Cor Ligthert [MVP]" Dale, It is probably set but you set it back with acceptchanges. Oherwise it can be that the data is still in the texboxes and not pushed down in the datatable. Cor When I inspect the Row Changed event, the row data has changed by the control, BUT the Row State remains as unchanged, NOT modified, as one would expect.I was having trouble with a List (Of T) bound to a datagridview, when i changed the List i was destroying and refreshing the datagridview.datasource.I'm getting really strange behaviour where the data source Row State is not being updated to modified in some circumstances.If I load a table(static data for Combo Box) in the Data Set manually; the Data Set now says it has changes.I call Accept Changes() on the Data Set; this fixes the problem.I am not sure if these are the best events to use for this solution, but it seems to be working for now.The only limitation, is that Data Source has to be set to Binding Source object and not to the list directly. Maybe someone can make a suggest if there are any potential issues that may come up and/or a better way of doing this to make this more universal for any object that is assigned to Data Source.


  1. Mar 19, 2009. Updating a DataSource that is bound to a Windows Forms Control. leave a comment. The change I'd made just before clicking the button was not put into the business object. I had, of. You should always use a BindingSource because it provides the plumbing you need to really make data binding work.

  2. Jul 8, 2014. Hi I have an issue with binding in xamarin forms when i am using tableview with image cells.

  3. Mar 9, 2011. Hi Daniweb, I spend a lot of time googling this problem and found no answer yet. The problem is I added.

  4. All my controls are binded and this BindedList get updated in different area of the program, so it is not simple for me to store and restore selected item. I am sure it is just some. The only limitation, is that DataSource has to be set to BindingSource object and not to the list directly. So, below is my code that.

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