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Carbometric dating

In studies, it is shown that some vampires can perceive things in the ultraviolet spectrum.Depending on what region and thus tribe they hail from, vampires will possess specific strengths and drawbacks, in addition to their inherent abilities.They possess impressive physical resilience, shrugging off injuries that would kill a normal human, with the wound only slowing them down.

The Ukaku comes from the shoulders and look like wings. All Vampires have Ghoul in them, as it does not conflict with any other DNA.

Vampire assassins displayed superhuman maneuvers in recorded battles with human fighters, with but a one or two being able to kill off entire medieval villages.

Their senses are also refined and heightened to a very high degree.

In the modern age, Vampires are normally also part Ghoul, Psyker, Diclonius or Typhon. Vampires with the DNA and powers of Psykers and Typhons are at the top.

These powers typically range from telepathy, telekinesis to creating balls of fire and setting places alight or morphing into a copy of an object or machination.


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