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Catholic dating divorced people

Many of the Catholics in need of or even seeking the Church’s help don’t really want the Church’s help.

They don’t want to hear the truth about what the Church teaches on marriage.

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“Your self-worth is zero.” Helping people address those wounds is a serious challenge for most priests and lay ministers, many who have little to no background in counseling.Deeper more fundamental questions also usually have to be addressed, questions about who Jesus is, what marriage is and what God expects from us. They’ve bought in to the culture’s ideas of a God who simply wants his children to be nice and tolerant and a Church who can’t be trusted (or listened to) when it comes to questions of sex and relationships.Most Catholics, divorced or otherwise, think they know the Church’s answers to those questions. Many also have bought into an idea of marriage that isn’t about the two spouses helping each other grow in holiness, but rather about each person’s own personal happiness. Our personal happiness is not supposed to be at the top of the list.“Much of the difficulty starts with overcoming a central belief that the things of God are just there to haul out in case we get in trouble,” Sweet told OSV. And so it’s not surprising that the Church’s ministry to divorced Catholics is, in many places, not all it should be.“Many people are going to the Church because they know they need something more, but some general comfort or spirituality is all they want of it.” In a sense, the problems faced by divorced Catholics today and, for many, the very state in which they find themselves, are the culmination of the Church’s failures in the 20th century: the failure to evangelize, to catechize, to counter prevailing cultural attitudes, to clearly communicate the beauty of the Church’s teachings on sexuality, to adequately prepare Catholics for marriage, to support marriages, and to come to the aid of marriages in trouble. Nationwide, support programs for the separated and divorced are few and far between.They don’t want to hear about how their own refusal to live the Church’s teachings might have contributed to their divorce.And they most definitely don’t want to hear if their marriages were valid or whether they’re free to date or remarry.Accompanying that belief are other questions divorced Catholics have about their standing in the Church: Are they excommunicated? Can they continue in lay apostolate work or liturgical ministries?If they apply for an annulment, does that mean any children they have will be considered illegitimate?“They think of marriage as something that lasts for ‘as long as we both shall want,’ not ‘as long as we both shall live,’” said Father Roger Landry, a priest of the Diocese of Fall River, Mass. Others’ is.” Buying into cultural misconceptions like that one, as well as misconceptions about God, marriage and the meaning of life, aren’t just problematic because they can lead people to divorce.Much of the reason for that, said Frese, is that “Catholics have been infected by the culture’s idea that we’re somehow entitled to happiness. They’re also problematic because they can lead people to rush into new relationships, believing that’s the answer to their unhappiness, ignore the Church’s teachings on chastity, and repeat past mistakes, mistakes which more often than not cut them off from the Church and the sacraments.


  1. Apr 7, 2016. A healthy purpose for a dating relationship is to discern possible marriage. Otherwise the dating relationship is nothing more than selfishness of either one or both people. A good follow-up question to ask is, “If this person is still married, what is his purpose in dating me?” At this point it can't be to get.

  2. Oct 28, 2013. Are there any official guidelines for divorced people dating before seeking an annulment? I know someone who is doing this and claims that they aren't "breaking any rules" by doing so. To answer this question, I need to distinguish two different situations Those who are waiting for a documentary process.

  3. Sep 23, 2014. Does that mean a Catholic can't date a “divorced” person unless the Catholic knows the “divorced” party would be free to marry and their previous marriage was. Pope Francis recently put together a commission that may work on making this process a bit easier on people, so stay tuned for more on this.

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