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Almost everyone in the Soprano family consider Hugh a classy, old-school gentleman for whom tradition and respect are very important values.

To earn extra money, he performs a contract hit for Rusty and Angelo. kills Billy Leotardo in retaliation, igniting dangerous tensions with the New York crew. Quintina is Livia's younger sister, a widow, and the mother of Tony Blundetto.Carmela and Hugh reconciled enough for him to attend Christmas celebrations at the Soprano home later that year - after Carmela's spec house started to go ahead again. Mary has been married to her husband Hugh De Angelis for over 40 years.Mary and Hugh have a long marriage, but she does nag her husband quite a bit and tends to treat Hugh as a subordinate rather than a husband, a theme that reappears in Hugh's relationship with both his wife and his daughter Carmela.Domenica is the daughter of Janice and Bobby Baccalieri.She was born sometime in 2005, after her parents got married.This is due to Hugh's strong sense of tradition and respect for the traditional home and family.He did not want to be present at a family gathering if "the man of the house" was not there (in the episode "Marco Polo").That year, Janice took Domenica to Satriale's Pork Store to demand that Tony make Bobby a capo.In 2007, Domenica played at the house near the lake when Tony, Carmela, Bobby, and Janice celebrated Tony's birthday.Also, he and his wife accompanied Tony and Carmela to an Elton John/Billy Joel concert.Years later, in season 6 part 2, Brian and his pregnant wife bought Carmela's spec house. Hugh has been married to Mary for over 40 years and is a resident of West Orange, New Jersey.


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