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Command qsave updating indexes for block model space

Adjunct professor and applications developer Scott Danis was generous with his Auto LISP insights.

Professor Ed Fitzgerald filled many gaps in my knowledge of architectural design and technical graphics, and IT maestro Mike Cyr willingly discussed the arcane applications of DOS batch files whenever I asked. This book also benefited greatly from Monica Wood’s willingness to put her own writing on hold whenever I needed writing advice, which was shockingly often.

Provides a means for the user to determine which tab is active CURSORSIZE Determines the size of the crosshairs as a percentage of the screen size CVPORT Sets the identification number of the current viewport D DATE Stores the current date and time DBMOD Indicates the drawing modification status using bit-code DCTCUST Displays the path and file name of the current custom spelling dictionary DCTMAIN Displays the file name of the current main spelling dictionary DEFLPLSTYLE Specifies the default plot style for new layers DEFPLSTYLE Specifies the default plot style for new objects DELOBJ Controls whether objects used to create other objects are retained or deleted from the drawing database DEMANDLOAD Specifies if and when Auto CAD demand loads a third-party application if a drawing contains custom objects created in that application DIASTAT Stores the exit method of the most recently used dialog box DIMADEC Controls the number of places of precision displayed for angular dimensions DIMALT Controls the display of alternate units in dimensions DIMALTD Controls the number of decimal places in alternate units DIMALTF Controls the multiplier for alternate units DIMALTRND Determines rounding of alternate units DIMALTTD Sets the number of decimal places for the tolerance values in the alternate units of a dimension DIMALTTZ Toggles suppression of zeros in tolerance values DIMALTU Sets the units format for alternate units of all dimension style family members except angular DIMALTZ Controls the suppression of zeros for alternate unit dimension values DIMAPOST Specifies a text prefix or suffix (or both) to the alternate dimension measurement for all types of dimensions except angular DIMASO Controls the associativity of dimension objects DIMASZ Controls the size of dimension line and leader line arrowheads DIMATFIT Determines how dimension text and arrows are arranged when space is not sufficient to place both within the extension lines DIMAUNIT Sets the units format for angular dimensions DIMAZIN Suppresses zeros for angular dimensions DIMBLK Sets the arrowhead block displayed at the ends of dimension lines or leader lines DIMBLK1 Sets the arrowhead for the first end of the dimension line when DIMSAH is on DIMBLK2 Sets the arrowhead for the second end of the dimension line when DIMSAH is on DIMCEN Controls drawing of circle or arc center marks and centerlines by DIMCENTER, DIMDIAMETER, and DIMRADIUS DIMCLRD Assigns colors to dimension lines, arrowheads, and dimension leader lines DIMCLRE Assigns colors to dimension extension lines DIMCLRT Assigns colors to dimension text DIMDEC Sets the number of decimal places displayed for the primary units of a dimension DIMDLE Sets the distance the dimension line extends beyond the extension line when oblique strokes are drawn instead of arrowheads DIMDLI Controls the spacing of dimension lines in baseline dimensions DIMDSEP Specifies a single character decimal separator to use when creating dimensions whose unit format is decimal DIMEXE Specifies how far to extend the extension line beyond the dimension line DIMEXO Specifies how far extension lines are offset from origin points DIMFIT Obsolete.

Replaced by DIMATFIT and DIMTMOVE DIMFRAC Sets the fraction format when DIMLUNIT is set to 4 or 5 DIMGAP Sets the distance around the dimension text when the dimension line breaks to accommodate dimension text DIMJUST Controls the horizontal positioning of dimension text DIMLDRBLK Specifies the arrow type for leaders DIMLFAC Sets a scale factor for linear dimension measurements DIMLIM Generates dimension limits as the default text DIMLUNIT Sets units for all dimension types except Angular DIMLWD Assigns lineweight to dimension lines DIMLWE Assigns lineweight to extension lines DIMPOST Specifies a text prefix or suffix (or both) to the dimension measurement DIMRND Rounds all dimensioning distances to the specified value DIMSAH Controls the display of dimension line arrowhead blocks DIMSCALE Sets the overall scale factor applied to dimensioning variables that specify sizes, distances, or offsets DIMSD1 Controls suppression of the first dimension line DIMSD2 Controls suppression of the second dimension line DIMSE1 Suppresses display of the first extension line DIMSE2 Suppresses display of the second extension line DIMSHO Controls redefinition of dimension objects while dragging DIMSOXD Suppresses drawing of dimension lines outside the extension lines DIMSTYLE Shows the current dimension style DIMTAD Controls the vertical position of text in relation to the dimension line DIMTDEC Sets the number of decimal places to display in tolerance values for the primary units in a dimension DIMTFAC Sets a scale factor used to calculate the height of text for dimension fractions and tolerances DIMTIH Controls the position of dimension text inside the extension lines for all dimension types except ordinate DIMTIX Draws text between extension lines DIMTM When DIMTOL or DIMLIM is on, sets the minimum (or lower) tolerance limit for dimension text DIMTMOVE Sets dimension text movement rules DIMTOFL Controls whether a dimension line is drawn between the extension lines even when the text is placed outside DIMTOH Controls the position of dimension text outside the extension lines DIMTOL Appends tolerances to dimension text DIMTOLJ Sets the vertical justification for tolerance values relative to the nominal dimension text DIMTP When DIMTOL or DIMLIM is on, sets the maximum (or upper) tolerance limit for dimension text DIMTSZ Specifies the size of oblique strokes drawn instead of arrowheads for linear, radius, and diameter dimensioning DIMTVP Controls the vertical position of dimension text above or below the dimension line DIMTXSTY Specifies the text style of the dimension DIMTXT Specifies the height of dimension text, unless the current text style has a fixed height DIMTZIN Controls the suppression of zeros in tolerance values DIMUNIT Obsolete.

I am especially grateful to Tiffany Taylor, whose astonishing skill raises copy editing to a fine art.

And a special thanks to the Maine Community College system and Southern Maine Community College for granting me a semester sabbatical to work on this book.

Reducers have several attractive properties: Reducers are defined by writing C templates that provide an interface to the runtime system.

A c q u i s i t i o n s E d i t o r : Willem Knibbe D e v e l o p m e n t E d i t o r : Heather O’Connor T e c h n i c a l E d i t o r : Jon Mc Farland P r o d u c t i o n E d i t o r : Martine Dardignac C o p y E d i t o r : Tiffany Taylor P r o d u c t i o n M a n a g e r : Tim Tate V i c e P r e s i d e n t a n d E x e c u t i v e G r o u p P u b l i s h e r : Richard Swadley V i c e P r e s i d e n t a n d E x e c u t i v e P u b l i s h e r : Joseph B.

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