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Consolidating student loans wells fargo online dating by david deangelo

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Wells Fargo offers a 0.25% interest rate discount on student loans for borrowers where they or a cosigner have or open a consumer checking account with the bank.

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Take advantage of as many discounts as you can to reduce your rate and the APR may then be lower than comparable lenders.Note that the consolidation student loans are for private loans only.You’re not able to consolidate federal student loans by taking out a Wells Fargo personal loan.Borrowers also benefit from a 0.25% interest rate discount when they enroll in automatic payments for repaying their loan. And for students who want to go on to a graduate education while still owing undergraduate debt, there’s a 0.25% discount for borrowers who have or their cosigner has, existing Wells Fargo student loans.While the base APR can sometimes be higher with Wells Fargo than with other lenders, the discounts on offer make them worth considering whether it’s for your first loan, or for student loan consolidation further down the line.On the downside, Wells Fargo doesn’t score highly for customer service, with complaints ranging from unauthorized withdrawals from customers’ accounts, unfriendly and unhelpful customer representatives and delays in receiving back any overpaid amounts.However, a lot may change in the years between starting and completing your education.We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.Whether you’re applying for your undergraduate degree, going to graduate school or planning on attending community college, the course fees all add up and few students can get through college without some kind of loan.Wells Fargo, one of the biggest names in banking to offer private student loans, allows borrowing up to the full cost of studying (minus other financial aid).


  1. Wells Fargo, a banking and financial services company, offers private student loan consolidation. Consolidation allows borrowers to combine multiple student loan.

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