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In 1873, the LMU went over to a purely gold standard of 1 franc = 0.290322581 grams of gold.

By this time, inflows of gold and silver from Spanish America had caused inflation throughout the world economy and the kings of France, who weren’t getting much of this wealth, only made things worse by manipulating the values assigned to their coins.This coin and its fractions circulated until 1641 when Louis XIII of France replaced it with the silver ? Nevertheless, the name "franc" continued in accounting as a synonym for the livre tournois France was a founding member of the Latin Monetary Union (LMU) in 1865.The common currency was based on the franc germinal, with the name franc already being used in Switzerland and Belgium, whilst other countries used their own names for the currency.Significant legislative steps were also taken to improve business conditions and encourage foreign private investment.Successful efforts to implement reform in the public finance, energy, cocoa, and coffee sectors helped the country to attain the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) completion point in June, and thus receive significant debt relief.The French Franc was the national currency of France until the introduction of the Euro in 1999 (in full circulation in 2002).News about Forex French Franc bing.com/news Marine Le Pen Wants France Out Of The Euro, Will Redenominate French Debt In New Currency Marine Le Pen Wants France Out Of The Euro, Will Redenominate French Debt In New Currency · 14 hours ago French presidential candidate and National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, said she wants to take France out of the euro, reiterating comments …The States General which met at Blois in 1577 added to the public pressure to stop currency manipulation.Henry III agreed to do this and he revived the franc, now as a silver coin valued at one livre tournois.Returning the country to its former status as West Africa’s regional economic and financial powerhouse has been the guiding principle of President Ouattara’s initial policy objectives.In 2012, these efforts began to bear fruit, with estimated GDP growth of 8.6 percent and stronger than expected fiscal receipts.


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