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Daniel maltzman lauren russell dating

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Hobart Mowrer, David Riesman, Carl Rogers, Thomas Szasz, and other prominent psychologists. Observations on a Group of Children and Adolescents with Leukemia: An Interpretation of Disease Development in Terms of the Mother-Child Unit; Wililam A.

Greene and Gerald Miller Relative Effectiveness of Psychotherapeutic Programs: A Multicriteria Comparison of Four Programs for Three Different Patient Groups; G.

The Jourard papers contain correspondence, drafts of his various publications, a large research collection, his personal library, and digital copies of lectures he did 1965-1974. APA Symposia includes: Outcomes of Nonreciprocal Self-Disclosure Strategies; Victor Savicki Some Recent Research on Self-Disclosure Processes; Paul C. Jourard's comments on Self-Disclosure Alterations in Cardiac Function and Circulatory Efficiency During Periods of Life Stress as Shown by Changes in the Rate, Rhythm, Electrocardiographic Pattern and Output of the Heart in Those with Cardiovascular Disease; Ian Stevenson and Charles H.

Of particular interest is his correspondence with Abraham Maslow, O. Annie Belle Weaver Special Collections, Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library, University of West Georgia. Duncan Psychological Factors and Reticuloendothelial Disease: IV.

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Along with teaching, research, and clinical activities, he conducted seminars and discussion groups for various churches, organizations, and community groups.

He was a fellow of the American Psychological Association and served on the editorial boards of several periodicals, including the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and Psychotherapy.

He was married in Toronto, Canada on June 20, 1948 to Antoinette R.

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