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Dating after filing for divorce in georgia accomodating vs stubborn personality

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce And Online Dating: A Match Made In Court?Georgia divorce laws can be tricky, but no trickier than any other state.

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On the other hand, if the parent fails to inform his or her new partner of his or her children, it could seem like the parent does not take his or her responsibilities to the children seriously.

If you and your spouse agree how to split any assets or debts, your divorce can be finalized without a trial.

But if you can't agree, the court will set a date for a hearing.

In the classic situation where the husband has cheated, this will be a "conduct" factor in the division of property and an evidentiary issue in the award of alimony. section 19-6-5(a)(8) authorizes the consideration of "other relevant factors", but marital misconduct may not be used to set the amount of periodic alimony. Under Georgia law, either party may seek to discover any evidence that is relevant or that is reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. Intercourse is still technically adultery up until the divorce is final. The first time I called him, I was in a panic not knowing what to do.

If you have cheated, your spouse can argue the affair justifies a denial of alimony and an award of more than 50% of the marital estate in his or her favor. Although there is authority for the argument that evidence of post separation dating is irrelevant - see, , 244 Ga. E.2nd 507 (1979) (evidence of conduct after separation may be relevant to show the conduct prevented reconciliation).


  1. Georgia Divorce Laws The Basics. Filing for Divorce in Georgia. You will have to wait 30 days after the other spouse is served with papers for the court to.

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