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Dating chaldean man

This means, eating a delicious thanksgiving meal more than once. The man must ask the girls’ father for her hand or else he is looked down upon and seen as disrespectful and rude. Tags: Chaldean, college, cultural, culture, dating, life, student, tradition Here you are guys, a few stereotypes of the Chaldean Culture! A girl’s parents will rather she marry her cousin than a guy she is friends with.

Not too many people know too much about the Chaldean Culture, but here are some stereotypes for your entertainment! This second one makes me laugh every time I think of it.

However, one that seems to strike everyone, even baffle them is the fact that Arab women will date outside of their race. For many Arab women the choice to date non-Arabs comes from a variety of reasons, mainly the fact that they’re attracted to that person on a physical, emotional and mental level.

For Arabs living in North America and Europe (where the majority of the population is white) many Arab women (and men) will opt for dating a white guy. But when eavesdropping on female conversations regarding dating Arab men, other reasons come into play.

In the Chaldean culture, believe it or not tattoos are significant! It could either be in Chaldean or English, most get it in English.

Going to JP Catholic, where I knew no one, was a big culture shock for me.

I have been going there for 3 years now and I wish I could have experienced something like this many years before.

One important thing we hold very dear to our hearts is family. If I were to see a Chaldean person that I did not know, I would already feel connected to that person because we both know we share the same culture.

We cannot go more than two or three days without seeing members of our family. We all live within few minutes of our Church, Saint Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Cathedral, where we get together every Sunday for Holy Mass.


  1. Chaldean Americans - History, Migration to the united states. I recently met a "chaldean" man and we have been dating for sometime now he is a great person.

  2. Dating in the Chaldean World is very different than what. The man must ask the girls’ father for her hand or else he is looked down upon. Culture Swap; Recent.

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