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Dating chinese pottery

Thousands of services were ordered with drawings of individuals' coat of arms being sent out to China to be copied and shipped back to Europe and, from the late 18th century, to North America.Some were lavishly painted in polychrome enamels and gilding, while others, particularly later examples, might incorporate only a small crest or monogram in blue and white.In 2016, collections were auctioned for tens of millions USD, through companies such as Sotheby's and Christie's.

Wares included garnitures of vases, dishes, teawares, ewers, and other useful wares along with figurines, animals and birds.Initially markets were sent what the Chinese market, or older exports markets, liked.With the increasing reach of European trading companies, especially the Dutch VOC, this became possible, and eventually even specific armorial designs could be ordered from Europe.From around 1720, the new Famille Rose palette was adopted and quickly supplanted the earlier Famille Verte porcelains of the Kangxi period.Famille rose enamels for the export market included the Mandarin Palette.The blue pigment used by the artist has faded badly since the picture was painted.Under the Kangxi Emperor's reign (1662–1722) the Chinese porcelain industry at Jingdezhen was reorganised and the export trade soon flourished again.The illustration (right) shows a painting by Jan Jansz.Treck that includes two Kraak-style bowls, probably late Ming, the one in the foreground being of a type the Dutch called klapmuts.In 16, two Portuguese carracks, the San Yago and Santa Catarina, were captured by the Dutch and their cargos, which included thousands of items of porcelain, were sold off at an auction, igniting a European interest for porcelain.After this, a number of European nations established companies trading with the countries of the Far East, the most significant for the porcelain being the Dutch East India Company or VOC.


  1. Zhongguo To Ci Jin Pin meaning 'China Pottery. dating to after the Guangxu period. Mark Zhongguo Zhi Zao - China Made. Mark on modern Chinese porcelain.

  2. Visit Us at A narrated examination of 237 images of Chinese pottery and.

  3. Pottery dating from 20,000 years ago was found. During the 4th millennium the potter's wheel seems to scholars of Chinese ceramics to have been a Chinese.

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