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As teenagers, it was Mels who pointed out that Rory had been in love with Amy for some time, which led to the two dating.In the present, Mels hijacks the TARDIS and directs it to 1939 where she is shot by Hitler (Albert Welling) and regenerates into River Song, revealing that Amy had grown up alongside her daughter, who was trained by the Silence to kill the Doctor.Amy is later persuaded by the Doctor to let her adult daughter make her own way in life.In "The Girl Who Waited", Amy becomes separated from the Doctor and Rory on a planet's quarantine facility and lives on her own for 36 years before they return.Amy is a companion of the series protagonist the Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation, played by Matt Smith.

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He tells her that her parents had been erased by the crack in her wall and urges her to remember them.The Doctor wants to go back in time to rescue the younger Amy, but the older Amy insists that they take both of her.However, the Doctor knows the TARDIS will not accept the paradox and is forced to leave the older Amy behind.In "The God Complex", the Doctor breaks Amy's faith in him after he discovers that they are trapped in a prison for a being that kills by feeding on faith.At the conclusion of that episode, not wanting to risk their lives further, he parts ways with her and Rory after giving them a house and car.She asks him to investigate an unusual crack in her wall, but he is interrupted by an alert from his time machine, the TARDIS.He promises Amelia that he will return in five minutes, but is inadvertently late by twelve years.The Doctor first meets Amelia when she is seven years old (Caitlin Blackwood) and disturbed by a crack in her wall (that is actually one of several cracks in the universe).He promises to return to the lonely girl in five minutes and take her with him in the TARDIS (his time and space machine), but accidentally arrives twelve years later, by which time Amy has become sceptical about her "imaginary friend".River Song then arrives and tells Amy that she is an adult Melody.A flashback in "Let's Kill Hitler" introduces Amy and Rory's childhood friend Mels (Nina Toussaint-White).


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  5. Knowledge Adventure has some fun, free online games that 9-year-olds can play. Check them out now!

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