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Dating internet directorise

Gone are the days when a business laid down an annual sum to have its information listed in the Yellow Pages.

These days it’s crucial for small businesses to instead prominently list themselves in multiple online directories. Perhaps more importantly, 50 percent of those conducting local searches by smartphone visit the business in question within the same day, and 18 percent move forward with a purchase that day.

If you're ready to do some research, the following sites can greatly aid you in your quest to find information about someone online.

Each website has been vetted for quality and consistency.

If you don't know the area code, try using the 411 Area Code and Zip Code finders.

There are free online alternatives, but none of them are as up-to-date as directory assistance.

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You may also want to look at the Internet Public Library's FAQ on Finding People.

NYPL's City Directory collection ranges from 1786 through 1934, with print and microfilm holdings belonging to the Rare Books and Milstein divisions.

Subsequent telephone directories belonging to the Milstein division have also been added to this collection.

The 411 online component is a free directory and is provided through the White Pages.

With any service you choose, knowing the area code is helpful (as well as the city and state of the number you are seeking).


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