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These tips on how to comfort a grieving boyfriend are inspired by readers who want to help the men they love.

On Helping Your Boyfriend Cope With Death, the most common comment from readers is “I don’t know how to comfort my boyfriend who is grieving.” There aren’t any solid answers, because everyone deals with grief in different ways. I didn’t want to be around people, I didn’t want to talk about my loss, and I wasn’t interested in grief counseling.

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“Grief can be likened to a beast: it comes in many shapes and sizes,” says Tom Golden (a therapist who specialized in mens’ grieving process).

The best way to comfort a man who is going through the grief process is to be sensitive to what he needs from you.

Here are a few ways to learn how your boyfriend deals with grief and what you can do to support him…

Your boyfriend may not want to talk through his grief – but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or won’t heal.

It just means his grieving process is different than yours might be.


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