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Dating men who are grieving

The best way to comfort a man who is going through the grief process is to be sensitive to what he needs from you.Here are a few ways to learn how your boyfriend deals with grief and what you can do to support him…

How long he needs to overcome the shock and grief depends on his personality, spirituality, and perspective on life.Do you think he is grieving in unhealthy or even wrong ways?Are you scared your boyfriend might be withdrawing emotionally from you, or even considering breaking up with you?Their size is unreal to us, and they are so powerful that they appear to be from another world.” The “dragon-sized grief” is what your boyfriend may be experiencing as he is grieving his loss.Major grief draws men out of their normal functioning and thrusts them into a world and a part of themselves that is very unfamiliar.Your boyfriend may not want to talk through his grief – but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or won’t heal.It just means his grieving process is different than yours might be.The grief has become the dragon of myth – a beast your boyfriend may have heard about, but never experienced himself.“By approaching and confronting this dragon, we open ourselves to an inner quest that has all of the trappings of a distant land – danger and unknown landscapes,” writes Golden in A Man’s Grief.If you think your boyfriend is struggling with extreme or complicated grief, you might start learning how to deal with boyfriends who are depressed.“Grief can be likened to a beast: it comes in many shapes and sizes,” says Tom Golden (a therapist who specialized in mens’ grieving process).


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