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Sergiyev Posad is also unofficially known as the cultural capital of the Moscow region.It inspired writers such as Mikhail Prishvin, who wrote to Maxim Gorky: "Finish your novel and come here, to this most wonderful town for a writer." The idyllic Russian scenery of rolling hills and birch trees also attracted many illustrious painters, including Yury Vasnetsov, Isaac Levitan, Valentin Serov and Mikhail Vrubel.

Today the Nativity and the Baptism (also known as Theophany) are celebrated separately. As Jesus was going out of the water, the Holy Spirit descended upon him in the shape of a dove, and a voice from heaven said: “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.” Right at this moment there appeared the three persons of the Holy Trinity (Triune God), later called Theophany.

Along with a traditional wood carving factory, the town is home to industrial enterprises built in Soviet times, as well as some modern companies.

Electronic devices producer Zavod Zvezda was the maker of the first Soviet "computers" — transistor computing machines.

ceiling mosaics in the Arian Baptistry in Ravenna, Italy, 493-526) depicted not only the Baptism of Christ in the River Jordan by John the Baptist but, above all, the presentation to the world of the Son of God as One of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, being testified by the Father and the Holy Spirit which descended upon Christ in the shape of a dove. in Art history, senior research fellow at the Andrei Rublyov Museum, custodian of the tempera painting collection. Savchenko, research fellow at the Andrei Rublyov Museum.

In the early Christian monuments of the 4th – 5th centuries such as the Monza ampullae, mosaics in the Arian Baptistry in Ravenna, or a plaque from Archbishop Maximilan’s throne, the baptized Jesus Christ was portrayed as a young beardless young man.


  1. The ancient town of Sergiyev Posad just outside +7 496-551-51-00; TheTrinity-Sergius Lavra includes several churches dating

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