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I turned SPAM Guard (yeah, right) off so all messages go to the inbox now and have not had to actually log into the Yahoo site for quite some time using this.There were some problems with the original Yahoo script that Mr. In many desktop mail clients it is possible to drag and drop several emails at a time and forward them all to [email protected] PST to Knujon Using a Macro and Creating a Custom Button It is important to note that many network administrators block Outlook macros because of viruses. Thunderbird Add-ons Thunderbird Help Transform Your PC Into a Spam Reporting Machine (cybertopcops.com) Thunderbird extension that Forwards all emails marked Junk (as attachments) to Knuj (softpedia.com) Thunderbird Add-ons Show Address: has an extension that reveals the sender address rather than some named value the spammer would rather you see. " (* or your personal Knujon address *) tell application "Mail" set the Messages to the selection repeat with this Message in the Messages set new Message to make new outgoing message at end of outgoing messages tell new Message set visible to true (* comment out whole line to stop 'blinking' windows *) set content to this Message's source set subject to "Fwd: " & this Message's subject make new to recipient with properties end tell send new Message set read status of this Message to true set was forwarded of this Message to true set junk mail status of this Message to true end repeat end tell Preparing the script Open "/Applications/Apple Script/Script Editor.app" and paste the above code. More information on zips If you are using a GUI desktop mail client it is easier for you and us to send multiple emails in a single message. Description End Sub Second Wheel has been gracious enough to provide a modified Thunder Bird Extension for Knujon reporting. Second Wheel offers tips for using Thunderbird at his site. Thunderbird is a free GUI email client that can be downloaded here. It includes all headers so that the spam can be traced to its actual source, rather than the apparent source (much spam is forged to appear to originate from a location other than its real source).The program runs as a background process and whenever you do a send/receive, Outlook polls Mr Postman and Mr.Postman in turn goes to the yahoo site and pulls down your mail for you which eliminates the need to go there at all.Download Script (submanifold.be) Google discussion group that focuses on Knujon and Gmail (groups.google.com) Instructions (submanifold.be) What is Python?(python.org) Python (wikipedia.org) GMAIL IMAP Advanced Options One thing Google has really done a good job of is implementing a few unique features into Gmail that other mainstream email services donít offer. Of course some services do offer it, but many, especially those that are free, do not.

You do not need to zip the file if it is already bulk unless you are compressing for size.This is the same place you may have gone to enable those Google Goggles we talked about the other day.Once it is enabled, youíll be able to go to your settings and configure everything the way you would like it to be.Postman since turning Spam Guard off and then using the Mr.Postman downloads legitimate email in addition to spam.Inspired by similar scripts on Spam Cop, but much more flexible and supporting a wider range of services." More Information and Download We realize this can be just as cumbersome as forwarding yahoo email one-at-a-time but this the bypasses running of asp or other scripts that may occur by opening junk email. It provides a POP3 server interface at o≠ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo!This will also remove any issues surrounding the possibility of pornographic material being displayed on your monitor. is an application that provides POP3 access to Yahoo! One Knujon user has recomended this as a better solution than Mr.To" value used here is the open address 'if you are a knujon member be sure to change this with 'your personal reporting address ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' If Junk Email. This is an extension is for the Thunderbird mail client. It is meant to help report spam and illicit e-mails properly, quickly and to the right places.It will also help those that may not be as technical savy as some, and don't understand how to give an admin the needed header information. This is meant solely to report spam to companies and law enforcement so they can prosecute spammers.Reporting does help cut back spam for everyone, but it will take time.(ibiblio.org) Thunderbird Add-ons Habu Old Info Okopipi The Okopipi plug-in for Knuj On has been renamed "Habu". News For use with Thunderbird, this extension may be used to report to Knujon as well as other reporting services: Okopipi 1.8.5. wikipedia.org/wiki/Okopipi "Takes a mailbox or other file full of junk e-mails, and sends them to spam reporting services such as Spam Cop, Knuj On, various phishing reporting addresses (e.g.


  1. People with HIV are being jailed around the world for having sex without disclosing their status, despite safe sex or zero viral load. A look at a scary issue.

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