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Mr Postman retrieves Yahoo mail (among others) and sends it to the Outlook Inbox where you can apply filters and have messages automatically forwarded to Knujon, for example.This works with the free version of Yahoo (but not the "beta" version).Not only does Google offer IMAP support for free, they recently ìTurbo Chargedî it and have gone above and beyond what many ever expected them to do when they requested such a feature.

Once it is enabled, youíll be able to go to your settings and configure everything the way you would like it to be. Avoid using ' \ / " in the file names Files with viruses will usually not be processed. You do not need to zip the file if it is already bulk unless you are compressing for size.Download Script (submanifold.be) Google discussion group that focuses on Knujon and Gmail (groups.google.com) Instructions (submanifold.be) What is Python?(python.org) Python (wikipedia.org) GMAIL IMAP Advanced Options One thing Google has really done a good job of is implementing a few unique features into Gmail that other mainstream email services donít offer. Of course some services do offer it, but many, especially those that are free, do not. Registered users receive a custom address and progress reports. Non-Registered "Sneakernet" via Postal Mail Send Stock Junk to [email protected](CC'd to SEC). Send Prescription Drug Junk to [email protected](CC'd to FDA, others). Send Phishing attempts to [email protected](CC'd to APWG, others). Send Deposit Scams to [email protected](CC'd to USSS, others). Send Software Piracy to [email protected](CC'd to MS, Adobe, others). If you are not comfortable with using macros or scripts, use the above . Create a VBA Macro to Forward Spam to Knujon Sub Knujon Reporting() On Error Go To KProc_err Dim ns As Name Space Dim Junk Email As MAPIFolder Dim Item As Object Dim Atmt As Attachment Dim my Forward As Object Dim i As Integer Set ns = Get Namespace("MAPI") Set Junk Email = ns. To use the script you'll need to enable the Scripts menu in "/Applications/Apple Script/Apple Script Utility.app". You could simply select all the messages and forward them to Knuj On's address, but that bundles all messages together in one mail as attachments. Send it all to [email protected](for non-registered submissions, please read terms of use). You may send a dozen or more emails at once, but note that most email servers will have a size limit of 5 megs. There are several ways to automate or simplify reporting from Outlook. PST file and then bulk forwarding is the most straightforward. For the same reason, many versions of outlook cannot be access with scripting. Save it as "/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/Report Spam to Knuj On.scpt".Reporting does help cut back spam for everyone, but it will take time.(ibiblio.org) Thunderbird Add-ons Habu Old Info Okopipi The Okopipi plug-in for Knuj On has been renamed "Habu". News For use with Thunderbird, this extension may be used to report to Knujon as well as other reporting services: Okopipi 1.8.5. wikipedia.org/wiki/Okopipi "Takes a mailbox or other file full of junk e-mails, and sends them to spam reporting services such as Spam Cop, Knuj On, various phishing reporting addresses (e.g.Yahoo Pops can be used to download ONLY the "Bulk Mail" folder by configuring the software under its "Download Folders" option, to only download mail from the System Folders: Bulk Mail. Postman Thanks to a Knuj On member we have information on Mr.Postman which allows webmail to be accessed with Outlook.


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