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Dating sim jenna moon light

This sequel assumes Witchy Vampire Protag, Jenna Moonlight, chose not to betray her friends and killed the Blood Prince.A year later her friend, Mobley, dies of a blood disease.She’s not only photoshopped background into her sim this time, eliminating half of the art required, but also photoshopped in items as well.The characters seem to be the only art available in the game, and it ranges from childish and cartoony to harlequin-light.Now you can’t even talk to your husbando/waifu until you buy a specific item they need/want, an item they hint at the first time you attempt to talk to them.

If you can get past his screen, you’ll find a very gruff go-getter attitude, which feels like a softer version of Logan from game one.

Jenna realizes that she always loved Mobley and goes to a strange resort at the edge of the world.

But it seems her Curse of the Main Character strikes again; the Pond has turned into a young demon with plans to destroy the world at the rise of the blood moon.

If you thought Jenna the first was too easy to play before, you’ll be happy to know that everything just got twice as complicated.

There’s an almost strict path to follow this time around and newbies will find themselves super lost.


  1. I need help with moonlight dating sim 2 1 what r the cheat codes? 2 how much streght do i kneed to kill the pond? 3 how much blood?

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