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Dating site openers

" Funny thing is I'll either neg them or just not respond and they usually come back. "I was just checking out your profile and I felt that I had to say hello. One ive used a lot and is stolen straight from here is something like "I know we don't know each other but" (as subject heading) and in the body of the email is "but I think we should break up" If we ask VERY NICELY maybe Mungo Jerry or Deadeye Dick will throw us a fricking bone and toss us a freebie on here. I've come to the conclusion though that random openers are stronger than the whole "i read you profile and ___" opener.I can't take credit for this opener as I grabbed it from this site but modified it a bit. The reason being there are just too many millions of AFCs who are opening with some variation of "hi sexy".I've been doing some online gaming and have pulled some openers off this site. Anyways, I'm sure I'm not the only one looking through post after post trying to find nuggets of online gold so I figured I'd create this.Here's the structure: 1) Field Tested Success Rate: (remember to even post here the opener should have a decent success rate, hopefully 40% or more, AND MUST BE FIELD TESTED) 2) Where to use: (dating site, Facebook/Myspace, IM, etc.) 3) Who's responding: UGs, Bs, HBs, SHBs (feel free to include # rating 1-10) 4) Opener: (ahhh what we've all been waiting for...) I'll start...The poorest performers are typically negative or pessimistic in tone."Matches tend to respond to different types of questions, depending on their age, according to Hinge's study. (No one likes those.) Instead, talk about food: Hinge's report found that women are 40 percent more likely to reply to a message regarding food or culinary trends.

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Then you reply back w/: "Well stop scaring them all away! "I was just checking out your profile and I just had to say hi. 75%, HB 9-10, dating sites "Wow you are incredibly cute! I cant remember where I got it but "Is that your real hair or a wig?

As far as response rates go, “Hey” performs at average, while “Hey, what’s up” performs at 4 percent above average."We’re aiming to help users do better than average, and are thus showing examples of the types of things that do better than a generic opener," Karen Fein, Hinge’s vice president of marketing, told The Huffington Post.

"That said, there are also openers that do far worse than 'Hey, what’s up.' ...

” began making the rounds on real-life dating sites.

I advised any would-be daters against using the line because really, where’s the originality?


  1. Sep 24, 2015. Hinge ran an experiment to find out what messages are most likely to get a response.

  2. Some respond well to cocky, edgy openers some see right through that and call you out. Ultimately 90% of it comes down to what you look like. This is why I prefer Tinder over OKC. Just cuts the bullshit since all that matters most the time is your look. I will say this though, if it's a dating site that has in its.

  3. Oct 31, 2016. If you've ever used a dating app or site you're well aware that the generic "Hey!" or "Hey, how's it going?" openers don't always lead to the best conversations. Sure, they're an easy, simple, and harmless first line especially considering the aggressive messages out there, but sometimes these first.

  4. Jan 21, 2009. 4 Opener ahhh what we've all been waiting for. I'll start. 1 Field Tested Success Rate I would say 40%-50% respond. 2 Where to use Dating sites 3 Who's responding Bs - HB8s 4 Opener I copy and paste a line from their profile talking about what they want in a guy. Usually something like "I want a.

  5. Convenient, for women that is. Just because a women is on an online dating site it doesn't mean she's dropped out from the rest of the world of dating and is now exclusively only able to be obtained through a dating site. Instead, unfortunately for men, she now has double the men perusing her, online men, and offline men.

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