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The convenience to watch a man as your partner’s true self is in itself unique and an eye-opener which helps demolish any old notions and prepare women to be far more confident and forthcoming around men.

Well -formatted and simple to follow tips and tricks suggested simply by Michael Fiore have been applied successfully by many women.

The system called ”Why The guy Lies” helps women enter into a man’s world because of his thoughts and what precisely he actually thinks about a lot of women.

With a greater understanding in what cya their behavior and typical attitude, any woman available on the market will be able to instantly see developments in her interaction with men and in her relationship, if she previously has one, after applying the tips and tricks they are trained by Michael in So why He Lies.

A part of the program that have made quite a ripple can be called-The Secret Survey, allowing you women to listen and see everything that men actually talk about.

All attendees of @nbaconferenceng are specially invited to the Biggest Party at the NBA Conference hosted by The Ikeja Branch of NBA Young Lawyers Forum (YLF) in collaboration with other YLF Branches in Lagos State.The stigma has diminished, though it still lingers somewhat.The reality of online dating belies the negative perception, Mr.producer of Jenifa's dairy soundtrack, P-Square chop my money, Yemi Alade-KISSING e.t .c); Award winning commedians-MC Triple U and MC Ukwa. "You don't hear that any more."Public attitudes toward online dating are becoming more positive, and people are less uncomfortable talking about it, as the volume of online daters has grown in recent years, experts said.You will find always those moments when a woman is attracted to anyone but for some reason doesn’t approach him.Either you will find confusions that cloud her mind and complicate the girl’s ability to decide or she may have been conditioned to take action a certain way thereby losing out on her true impulses.Any hesitation on approaching somebody who attracts them emanates from another fact.Because they have no idea of how he will react of course, if he will accept dating these or not.Its a night for celebrity special appearances, music, dance, drinks and food.Special appearances include Flip Tyce ( Ace Music producer and artiste.


  1. Aug 17, 2017. for all works of life, we covered all the state in Nigeria/Ghana,we are fully legalized,registered and recognized by CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION,read more about us on our official magazine called African dating magazine,were you find lots of comment and testimonies of people we have render our.

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