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This initiative, in conjunction to buying ads on Face Book presents a compelling proposition to reach Kenyan’s online.5.

Windows Live Search ( Live Search is Microsoft’s Search Engine.

I think the following findings are extremely important for anyone looking to leverage the Internet as a key marketing channel in Kenya, targeting Kenyans:1. Their mainstays, and core business remains internet search and online ads.

Google recently set-up shop in Nairobi which is the regional HQ for East Africa.

The title ‘activist’ in cities like New York, London or Oakland can carry some progressive prestige.

A BIG hint is that video growing fast online and any marketer should look at repurposing their content for a You Tube.8.

I say so because the Google owned You Tube is the world’s leading video sharing web site.

Now, in Kenya, where we are well accustomed to slow internet connections and erratic online experiences, people are actually spending a significant amount online watching streaming videos!

“It’s a label that is used very loosely for somebody who is outspoken,” Mwangi says.

“People who are afraid to speak their mind call you a dissenter, they call you an activist, they call you unpatriotic.


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