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There are several pearls to implanting this lens correctly: A well-centered rhexis of 4.5 mm-5.5 mm is necessary to have a complete overlap around the anterior lens optic.I suggest surgeons use a rhexis marker when they begin the surgery to keep the boundaries of the rhexis well marked.A look at the five-year outcomes with the lens has shown that all implanted subjects were better than 20/40 at distance, intermediate, and near vision tests.The Synchrony lens is designed to replicate the natural lens by increasing its power when viewing near targets and reducing it when looking at a distant object.

As it now exists, the two optics come out sequentially, the posterior concave portion first, with the anterior convex portion second.

It is, to my knowledge, the first three-dimensional bag-filling IOL.

Since light is not divided into multiple foci, Synchrony yields contrast sensitivity curves comparable to those of monofocal IOLs.

If the rhexis is too small at the end of the procedure, it will be possible to enlarge it.

Another pearl: I recommend that polishing of the anterior capsule be completed using bimanual irrigation and aspiration.


  1. More recently, an aspheric version of the dual-optic IOL Synchrony Vu. and initial clinical performance of a dual-optic accommodating intraocular lens.

  2. London Eye Hospital provides patients with presbyopia or short/long-sightedness with a choice of the latest premium lens implants, including the Symfony IOL

  3. Dual optic IOLs accommodating the. foldable accommodating lens called Synchrony Figure 1 — the first dual-optic accommodating IOL to be implanted in human.

  4. A dual-optic accommodating IOL Synchrony, Abbott Medical Optics seems to have met the presbyopic challenge by providing good vision at far and intermediate distances.

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