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Elementary school dating

as long as the lunch monitors aren't looking, of course.

Holiday Heights Elementary Principal Michael Wamsley had sent parents an interesting letter in late February.

In the letter, Wamsley shared that the school had issues with “distractions resulting from the students allowing themselves to get caught up in romantic issues and the drama that follows.” He then wrote these bullet points that would put children in Friday detention.

People usually complain about dating in the "digital" age, but that's not what bothers me.She is also the owner of Dallas Moms Blog, a parenting website that features articles by mothers.Birdville Independent School District spokesperson Mark Thomas said there will not be any punishment for said behaviors.I think things would've been different if I recognized that feeling as a crush. Once that person knows you're into them, don't stop reminding them (unless they actually tell you that they're not interested in you).That doesn't necessarily mean blowing them kisses across the classroom or chasing them through the dining hall, but love notes were and will always be cute. Chandler told me he wasn't into me when he tossed a chunk of ice at my forehead at recess.After I fell to the ground, I realized that he just wasn't into me.If you're not interested in someone, tell them, or they'll just keep chasing you and ignoring all the other cute kids in your grade. Write them a cute note or just give them some extra attention without shame.So, this is my proposal to stop dating like we're in college and to start dating like we're in elementary school, when we had crushes and not just people we were interested in.Nowadays, it's nice getting to know someone before we decide that we're into them, but when we were younger, we would just see someone, think they were cute and decide that we want them.Maybe those weren't the best ways to get his attention, but he definitely knew that I liked him.At that time, I didn't care about being subtle, I just wanted Chandler to know that I was into him, and I wanted all the other girls in my second grade class to know that he was mine.


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