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It goes without saying that stunning and killing at the same time is quite difficult.

A slaughter without stunning causes suffering, panic and fear in animals," Heidi Kivekäs, the CEO of Animalia, a Finnish NGO promoting animal rights, told Hufvudstadsbladet.

This push for a more "humane" killing has nevertheless irked local Muslims, who claim it goes against their religious prescriptions dating back to Prophet Muhammad's teachings.

"If you first stun the animal and then cut the throat, it is no longer halal meat according to Islam," shop manager Emin Gürmüç of the Alanya Market, which has shops across Finland and caters to a wide range of mostly immigrant customers, who would like to keep their traditions intact.

One way of addressing the problem would be to make more stringent requirements for the labeling of meat products," Kivekäs argued.

Sanna Varjus of the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) argued that until the EU has introduced any universal legislature, it is fully permitted with imported halal meat.

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To please its fastidious clientele, Alanya Market, which, by its own admission, sells about 160 lambs and four calves a week, has recently resorted to importing meat from Latvia and the UK.

Butcher Alan Awla stressed the fact that Finnish slaughtering methods already failed to meet halal requirements.

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