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The wife proceeds to inquire about why he got fired. In this episode of cheaters, the cheaters detectives bring the suspicious boyfriend right to the action.

His girlfriend is caught in the act having sex with another man in the car.

So her husband decides to play a prank on his wife.

He has the radio station call her to tell her that he has been fired from his job.

The wife and her family give a slight warning to the cheating husband and then st...

After following her for a few days they quickly relaize that the lesbian woman is infact cheating...When they pull up the girlfriend's cheating partner jumps out of the ...A man who suspects something is going on with his wife calls the cheaters detectives.Just before things were about to get explicit, his girlfriend crashed the party.In this video, we find the bride going in the back courtyard of their wedding reception with the best man.The girl decides to call her mom to join before confronting him.When they catch him in the act his first instict was to run. In this episode of cheaters they look back at a case with a cheating boyfriend that seems to have learned his lesson.A suspicious wife puts a hidden camera in their house to see if her husband is cheating with another woman.She leaves the house for the evening as the camera records.He starts out on the couch with the slow music in the background.He continues to dry-hump her leg and things are getting hot.


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