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Friendfinder and adult dating sites

They said they felt like women were more "liberated" and were interested in sex first.

I also agree that it would be very interesting to see the followup emails (though not totally insightful since if a person WAS interested in a more serious relationship and found the first meeting unfulfilling, they may not follow up).

Of course, this may not be a problem for the participants who could indeed be looking for short, shallow relationships (even if they do end up being more complex).

They are often short, intense, and shallow with few common interests beyond the sex.This can lead to problems when partners hope for more meaningful or longer term relationships, and especially when there is a mismatch – something the data suggests could be quite common. "The Development of Social Interactions and Identity Within an Adult Dating, Sex and Swingers Virtual Community: A Case Study of Adult Friend Finder." 7.1 (2011): 16. "Teasing with Sex, Hunting for a Relationship: What a Popular Adult Dating/Sex Site Can Tell Us About 21st Century USA Female Sexual Behavior." Image adapted from Giuseppe Milo When one used Adult Friend Finder they aren't looking for a friend and they know it. Women are taught early on they will be shamed if they admit they want to have sex but not a deep emotional relationship along with it.So it might be social pressure for a woman to say they want more than they actually do, and it also might be social pressure for men to say that the want less of a relationship than they do.Sex and the internet have always been close partners, and that has continued as social networking has become the dominant way people interact online.Adult Friend Finder (note: this link goes to a page that is safe for work, but most of the pages on the site are not), with 40 million users, is a social networking site dedicated to helping users find partners for sex or swinging.So how does easy access to casual hook ups affect the people involved?What kinds of relationships come from these encounters and how do they affect the people involved?The subjects in the study felt liberated by the site because they were able to pursue relationships that were first about sex and, if everything worked out, then move on to small talk and a potential relationship.The also talked about how the site allowed them to fulfill their fantasies (and if they were looking for something outside the normal scope of Adult Friend Finder, the site frequently directed them to their BSDM counterpart [NSFW]).In the middle space of commitment, there is an option to look for "friends with benefits", a longer term, though non-committed relationship.This option was more popular among women (20%) than men (14.2%) None of these results are to say that the casual sex people are looking for on Adult Friend Finder is bad or that people will be disappointed with the experience.


  1. Mar 22, 2015. Adult friend finder is an adult-oriented social networking site which gives the platform for like-minded sex partners to interact. Those who are in search of 'no strings attached' relationship then this site is one of the best option. It also has numerous niche dating sites like senior Friend finder, alt.com.

  2. May 23, 2015. Cyber criminals have hacked the popular online dating websites Adult FriendFinder leaking the highly sensitive sexual information on a forum in the dark web.

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