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Geek guys dating

Why spend all that pesky time building social skills and learning how to talk to people outside your group when the perfect woman will be part of your world?And hey, who needs to spend time and effort on romance?Who needs a romantic dinner or a hike down to a beautiful lake when you can bond over taking out Hunters and Boomers in Left 4 Dead 2?Bonding is so much easier when you can just talk about video games and comic books instead of having to sweat out finding what you have in common!But, […] Hey Doc, first off I’m a big fan of your site and really appreciate all the healthy dating advice you give.I’m a 26 year old straight male and I’ve basically had intense shame about my sexuality for my entire adult life.

She’s wearing a Can’t Stop The Signal tee, knee-length socks, a Hogwarts sweater (Gryffindor House, of course), a pleated mini-skirt and white Chuck Taylors with Pac-Man hand painted onto them.Geeks tend to focus on their interests with such laser-like intensity that they don’t often devote much time or study to anything outside their immediate sphere.They tend to be loners and introverts and uncomfortable in large social gatherings or with new people.Geeks have an unfortunate tendency to be poorly socialized outside of their own peer group, which makes finding a relationship even more difficult.Women are already arousing and intimidating objects of desire in geek culture; trying to socialize with them is venturing in to true It’s worth noting that the Geek Girl is different from a girl who is a geek.She’s the one toting around the Naruto-branded messenger bag with a copies of Watchmen, Blankets and Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men sticking out the top.She’s waiting in line for the midnight release for Halo 4 and Kingdom Hearts Posterior Aphasia.2 View All Next »This is the week that I decide to alienate more than half of my audience. However, geeks, like all other creatures, crave love, acceptance, intimacy and companionship. It’s notoriously difficult to pull a geek outside of his comfort zone; the world hates and fears him, therefore why should he have anything to do with the world outside of the tiny slice that values him. This tendency towards withdrawing into themselves extends into all aspects of their lives. Geeks foster and maintain the idea that nerds as a collective whole are better, more moral, more open minded and more socially accepting people.


  1. A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys. All the sinister dudes are either dating. quietude and stability, a cerebral creature with a culture all his own. In short, a geek.

  2. So now, for those of you woefully underprepared to delve into the world of geek dating not the Katherine Dunn variety as a result of Elite Daily’s bad advice.

  3. The Geek's Guide to Dating has 596 ratings. aimed almost entirely at straight guys. approached this book eager to read about geek-dating from a male.

  4. Someone to geek out with. 12 Reasons Guys Love Dating Nerdy Girls Someone to geek out with.

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