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Mc Gowan got on social media immediately after that story was released, writing: 'Women fight on. 'Life In Pieces' star Thomas Sadoski, who is married to actress Amanda Seyfried, showed his support of the women who came forward by writing: 'The courage to do what they have done in the face of the threats they are undoubtedly getting cannot be dismissed.' Anthony Bourdain, who is rumored to be dating Asia Argento, took on those who have kept quiet.'Nauseating, chicken-hearted enablers all,' wrote Bourdain.He quickly followed that up by clarifying his intended target, stating: 'I’m not talking about his victims.Speaking to George Stephanopoulos on GMA, Bloom replied to a question about her clients actions.'This is a real pattern over 30 years; this is like textbook sexual harassment,' said Mr.Stephanopoulos.'It's gross, yeah', replied Bloom.'It's illegal,' said Stephanopoulos.'Yes. She clarified this by saying, 'See, you have to understand, yes, I'm here as his adviser.Sivan says she was trapped and intimidated and deeply shocked.

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Who are still staying silent.' And 'Mindy Project' actor Ike Baranholtz simply stated: 'This is disgusting.

Lauren Sivan, formerly a Fox News Reporter, claims that when she worked with the cable channel Long Island 12 a decade ago, Weinstein insisted she take a tour with him in Socialista, a club he part-owned.

She claims he took her downstairs to a kitchen and cleared it of staff and then tried to kiss her.

The brothers are seen above in 2007At the Weinstein Company, the three members of the nine-man board who resigned were named as Dirk Ziff, a billionaire investor, Marc Lasry the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and Tim Sarnoff the president of production services.

And earlier on Friday in a damning interview, Lisa Bloom, the celebrity lawyer who Weinstein has retained admitted that some of his actions could be described as illegal.


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