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How to look intimidating

Here’s the sad truth: doormats and teddy bears don’t always get too far in certain circles.

Being intimidating, whether it’s because of your career or your attitude, can actually be the fastest way to gain approval.

If someone finds you intimidating, you’ll learn a lot about their personality pretty quickly.

Insecure people will do what they can to tear you down, while those who are confident but worried about rejection will likely just not make a move or outright avoid you.

GABBY: Also, I’ve never felt intimidating in terms of my appearance. GABBY: I don’t think you look intimidating, but you do have, like, an UNTOUCHABLE COOL. GABBY: I’ve felt this with basically every great friend I have—sort of like a game-recognize-game situation.

You start out kind of jealous of them and then realize, I think it’s common to be jealous of someone but you don’t want to admit it, so you call them intimidating.

—Gabby GABBY: Do you remember what if felt like the first time someone described you as intimidating?Guys who are intimidated by girls will either not act on their desire, or will end up saying/doing something that makes them unattractive to you.That’s fine, because the guys who could be intimidated by you are usually not even dating material in the first place.Either way, you’ll be able to tell who you should avoid and who deserves to be part of your life. I stopped being “cuddly” when I realized that most people didn’t take me seriously when I was in fluffball mode.Being intimidating often means that people who would normally discredit you will hear you out instead, and that’s a great thing in many situations. Whatever intimidates people about you will likely be present in a good number of people who are close to you. After all, nothing is cooler than being badass with your squad.I struggle with distinguishing between jealousy, intimidation, and wanting to be someone’s friend.I guess I’m jealous of people who intimidate me because I wish I could feel as cool as they seem to actually be. There are so many girls who exist doing great things and being interesting, why Jealousy to me always implies anger.People who disrespect you often make asses out of themselves in the process.From personal experience, those who go out of their way to attack someone they find threatening usually will end up being publicly outed for their crappy behavior.When you’re walking alone in night in a strange city, this can be your saving grace.Men who are threatened by you automatically remove themselves from your dating pool.


  1. Sep 24, 2013. GABBY I don't think you look intimidating, but you do have, like, an UNTOUCHABLE COOL. Like, I THINK YOU LOOK COOL. HAZEL Well, I THINK YOU LOOK COOL. GABBY I don't want people to think I'm intimidating, yet I also do this thing where I am intimidated by people who are similar to me. Maybe.

  2. A lot of people seek approval from those they find intimidating. Ever since I stopped trying to look friendly and harmless, I couldn't help but notice that there were a lot more people who wanted my approval. It's kinda cool being the Queen Bee these days. 5. Being intimidating can help you get into exclusive circles. Here's the.

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