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Insurance dating

Often these relationships are ill defined and that lack of clarity may raise questions. Even if the agreement defines the relationship between the parties, there may be situations in which a third party, not a party to the agreement, may seek to sue the owner based on the conduct of the strategic partner.

See also the discussion above regarding linking and crawling issues that may become relevant in such relationships.

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If you're in one of those areas and feel you're getting this message in error, give us a call at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).

Often an offline liability policy will not cover online applications.

Furthermore, sites that provide information such as financial information, health-related information, indeed virtually any sort of information that visitors may rely on can be subject to claims.

Clearly this list is not intended to be exhaustive since the Net is in a state of constant change and new legal issues potentially arise with the advent of new gee whiz technologies and applications.

Clearly any content on the site has the potential to raise issues about copyright and trademark infringement as well as defamation and invasion of privacy issues.


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