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What is even more impressive is that cadaver dogs can smell a person’s dead body even if it is somewhere under water. Although K9s aren’t raised to be good companions, they are usually part of a family.

That family is in almost every case the family of the agent who uses it on a daily basis.

Dog doesn’t only offer companionship, but it also does different chores and fulfills different missions.

Some of the most sought, hardworking and appreciated dogs are police dogs.

The Bloodhound is an example of dog breed used in search and rescue type of missions.

As human society changed and developed, so did dogs by keeping pace and becoming more and more involved in as many aspects from man’s life as possible.Conversely, some police units have other strategies.The intimidation process begins even before the suspect is in sight.In order to emphasize the role of a police dog in the police work, people took a series of measures to ensure their protection.These include bulletproof vests especially made for dogs and laws that punish anyone who hurts a dog.They remain sociable and pleasant thanks to the interaction with multiple good people that ensure a safe place.A police officer and a dog train and work side by side, as a team, therefore they have to trust each other and communicate efficiently.In most cases of this kind, the suspect is threatened by officers that in case he or she doesn’t stop, a dog will be released.This threat is usually enough to intimidate a villain into surrendering itself.Bloodhounds used to track down and catch criminals, but on a much smaller scale than in our days.World War I was a good enough reason for countries such as Germany, Belgium and England to begin extensive dog training programs for military purposes.


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