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She is a Rebel in the conflict of destiny because she wants to rule. She was their lowly servant, and still is, now needing to shovel snow when Crystal Winter stopped her plan in "Epic Winter".She is a Rebel in the conflict of destiny because she wants to rule.As an activist who fights for beast and animal equality, she would give away her destiny for the sake of helping others. Sparrow Hood is the son of Robin Hood, and is as flirtatious and cheeky as his famed father.He likes to leave an impression on everyone he meets.He's a master conman, but has no intention of following his father's destiny if it means he can't play music.Tiny is a timid and helpful giant who is the the son of the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and also appears to be quite clumsy.She purposely interferes with the characters to ensure that the story ends well. Cupid recently switched schools due to an assignment from her dad.However, Brooke herself is one to support the Rebel side because of her struggles as a narrator. Being one herself, Cupid is on good terms with the Rebels, likely being assigned to Ever After High to help introduce the concept of free choice.

Jackie Frost is a 2016-introduced and cartoon-only character.

Though not necessarily a physical student attending classes, Brooke Page is a young narrator-in-training.

She normally has trouble keeping her opinions to herself and even, spoilers to the public.

As she is not the passive kind, Raven openly questions her destiny and searches for a way that she can have a Happily Ever After herself. Rosabella Beauty is destined to be the next Beauty in Beauty and the Beast.

Although people believe that Rosabella's destiny is laid out nicely and easily for her, Rosabella believes otherwise.


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