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, have a past and it looks like Jackson may want to discuss it with Henry’s girlfriend Rachel Leigh on the show.VH1 writes in tonight’s plot description that, “Kat’s unexpected arrival at the villa creates tension …For his part, Sissi ginned up a new, made-for-television military campaign in the Sinai Peninsula last month, and last week his chief prosecutor launched a broadside against an always-popular target, the foreign news media. “I think the answer is obvious: legitimacy,” says Stanford University’s Larry Diamond, an expert on global democratic trends.“There is still enough resonance today of the democracy principle so that leaders like Sissi and Putin feel the need to show that they have won in a superficially competitive election, that they are the people’s choice.” Of course, Russia and Egypt started their march toward 21st-century autocracy from a different place than China.Day 1 starts in ATL with @i Director X, producer @Future and the team of SUPERFLY.With Western democracy on the defensive, China’s Xi Jinping is aggressively advancing a new model for human governance in the 21st century: personal dictatorship backed by nationalism, state-directed capitalism and a security apparatus empowered by cutting-edge technologies.So it’s interesting that both Putin and Sissi are putting on presidential elections this month. They are Potemkin pageants that will award the two strongmen overwhelming victories, thanks in part to the exclusion of all serious opponents.

Between loud, fat, bucktoothed Charmaine and that lying low-down nopottopissin, ungrateful snake slut Lily and Kat, it’s hard to figure who’s the filthiest. He went on to say, “You don’t have to be fucking nobody to be cheating. Jackson’s reply was this, “I don’t know what that moment was that y’all saw … There might’ve been a little bit of friendliness going on, but as you continue to watch the season, you’ll find out more.” Henry’s girlfriend Rachel Leigh is still very much in the mix and she is actually his high school sweetheart.And, the couple shares one child together, a son named Mason.Xi has locked in his right to rule for life by moving to abolish the two-term limit on China’s presidency.But neither Putin nor Sissi has yet dared to take that step.Day 1 starts in ATL with @i Director X, producer @Future and the team of SUPERFLY," the film's Twitter account updated with a cast photo.Everyone's always on the hustle, because you've got to be #Superfly.Both once had relatively free elections — Egypt in 2011 and Russia as recently as Putin’s first presidential run, in 2000.It’s not easy to renounce that tradition completely, or overnight.There’s no pretense of evolution toward democracy or even the rule of law.On the contrary, Xi explicitly casts his regime as an alternative that “offers a new option for other countries.” Among the world leaders seemingly most likely to embrace this neo-totalitarianism are Russia’s Vladi­mir Putin and Egypt’s Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, both of whom have consolidated personal power on a platform of nationalism.


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