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Bailey, George & Meredith perform gastric ulcer surgery on Nadia Shelton. Meredith leaves the hospital.«Hide Another Mistake» by The 88s. «It Came Upon A Midnight Clear» by Sixpence None The Richer. Jed & Esme Sorento leave the hospital.«Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah)» by Fannypack. Cristina calls George to ask where the liquor is kept. Cristina talks to the pregnant woman with breast cancer as she is discharge; Izzie gets the seizure guy to consent to surgery. The seizure patient tells Izzie the missing cupcake ingredient; Derek takes Meredith to his trailer for the first time.«Big As The Sky» by A. Cristina, Izzie & Meredith inject George with penicillin for the syphilis. Meredith, Izzie & Cristina argue over performing the autopsy. Meredith waits at Joe’s bar for Derek to arrive.«Blood and Peanut Butter» by B.

Izzie & Meredith conclude their night & say ‘Seriously’ a lot.

Meredith arrives at her house to find the huge party. Meredith, Cristina & George drink & dance at the party.

«Never Leave Your Heart Alone» by Butterfly Boucher.

Tucker’s surgery; Bailey’s delivery; Meredith starts to panic during Burke’s surgery.

Mark, Derek & Webber talk about the boy with leonitis.


  1. But Ashley Tisdale. The musical lovebirds became engaged in 2013 after only a year of dating each other. Ashley gushed. Edie Falco hopes Louis CK will.

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  5. Newly engaged Ashley Tisdale poses with fiance Christopher French. Tisdale started dating the tattooed singer. Edie Falco hopes Louis CK will get 'another.

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