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Some small "lock-ups" were also called Houses of Correction - an example survives in Hawarden, Flintshire: Originally applied to workhouse schools where industrial training was given to pauper children.

The following day, an even larger mob, including the Selborne rioters, did the same to the workhouse at nearby Headley.Later used more generally as an informal term for a paupers' or famine graveyard, especially associated with workhouse burial grounds.In recent years, there has been a growing campaign to protect bully's acre sites from redevelopment.A class room typically had three rows of seats around the outside all facing in to the centre, and was often fitted with a gallery containing further seats.(See also School Room.) Children in a class-room - taking turns doing exercises for warmth in winter, c.1890. Introduced in the late 1860s, and modelled on similar schemes in France, Germany and Switzerland, cottage homes were often set in rural locations away from the often poor conditions and malign influences of the union workhouse.Casuals were housed in a separate area of the workhouse, usually near the entrance, known as the casual ward.A smaller room in a school used for accommodating infants, or where a lesson was given to a particular class or group of pupils.In the autumn of 1830, agricultural labourers across southern England protested against low wages, expensive food, and the growing mechanization of farms.Threatening letters sent to land-owners and farmers were signed 'Swing' — the supposed, although probably fictitious, leader of the protests.Ex officio members of a union's Board of Guardians were people, usually local Justices of the Peace, who were entitled to a seat on their local Board without needing to be elected.An establishment originally offering a wide range of care, not only medical but also non-medical provision such as shelter and food, the education of children, and sanctuary for those incapacitated by old age or chronic infirmity.


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