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That goes for participants on both sides of the curtain.And it's not only image that one must be mindful of when courting a fellow company member.One of which he married and soon thereafter divorced. With each fling that was flung, the company focused on generating rumors about the relationship(s).Eventually the producer's attention of amore was ostracized.And sometimes even an airbag or condom can't provide safety. It has continued ever since with my partner who I met during a national tour of "Annie" (o.k. Now why, you may be pondering, am I writing here about a sometimes salacious subject when this column is about acting and casting?First of all, in full disclosure, I must admit that I am not unblemished when it comes to my past sex life (no comment on the present). No holier-than-thou-evangelical-Prop 8-bedroom-interference. Because relationships -- especially intimate, when mingled with business -- matter.Last year, I was chatting with my friend Casey about her work as a nutritionist and the whole notion of message. Love your body, soul, people, food, things, pleasure, pain, earth…

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They prefer that the people in their hire not utilize the workplace provided as a supermarket for sex. At least until a wedding or commitment ceremony; then hit them with your registry list.If you begin any relationship, sexual or romantic (and yes there are differences between the two), you and your partner(s) would do best to keep the relationship out of sight from others.As a director, casting director and former actor, I have seen many, many companies become divided because of intercast/staff romances. Be discrete for the success of both the relationship (or tryst) and the project.2.Producers tend to have more money than you and your out-of-suitcase peers. (Lesbians have on-hand assorted-sized engagement rings.)Paul Russell's career as a casting director, director, acting teacher and former actor has spanned nearly thirty years.Even if you believe your mating manners in a company are not excessive or are above honor, still keep it from producers and creatives who hire. If the intimate mingling is with a producer or creative, then you really want to keep your relationship quiet. What intimate relations that may develop in the heightened emotional state of collaboration may not have happened elsewhere. Either way, go with some common sense, respect for others, and discretion. He has worked on projects for major film studios, television networks, and Broadway.That could be her refrain for her TED Talk that she could repeat again and again and again to drive her point home.Apple’s message since it began has been some version ‘Think different’. It isn't one's love for the latest stage hit that has developed a cult-following accompanied by a marketing campaign that includes relentless merchandising of the show on T-shirts and towels.But it's similar to what happens between two emotionally and romantically charged people involved in a show who are attracted and then collide. Sex: It's the entertainment of nearly anyone involved in entertainment. If you haven't dabbled in the backstage intrigue that is showmance, you're either smart, a reticent recluse, or harboring halitosis that steers colleagues a good 10 feet away from your path.Right now it’s got something to do with a loving and enjoyment of the material, earthy world.It’s a bit fuzzy but it could be honed down and connected to physical health and diet. Directional Messages – What You Should Do: “The best way to achieve ______ (goal) is _________ (approach).” Sometimes messages are directional. Imagine that you’re a woodworker and hate Ikea and mass produced things. The message doesn’t need to say everything, but everything you say needs to relate back to your core message. Nike’s core message for a long time has been ‘just do it’.


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