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During their affair, Strangford MP Mrs Robinson, 60, helped the aspiring businessman secure £50,000 in loans from property developers to open a café, which she failed to declare to Parliamentary authorities.Mrs Robinson promised Mr Mc Cambley's cancer-ridden father Billy - with whom she also allegedly had an affair - that she would take care of his son.What’s at the root of all the conflict in the story is no one is willing to deal with actual problems. Ben’s avoidance of Elaine causes problems between the Robinsons and the Braddocks. Robinson finds out about Ben’s affair with his wife and his feelings for his daughter, Elaine is pulled out of school and spirited away to Santa Barbara to be married.The general consensus is that if Ben would only pursue the future that seems to be so obviously before him, everyone would be happy.They don’t understand why Ben seems to be growing so distant, and wastes his summer doing “God knows what” at night and floating around in the pool during the day.They encourage him to take out Elaine Robinson (obviously having no idea that Ben has been spending his nights having an affair with Elaine’s mother), who is visiting from Berkeley.Ben refuses to see Elaine, much to the consternation of his parents and Mr. Were Ben to acquiesce to her demands, the progress in the story would screech to a halt.

But when the friend discussed the illness with Mr Mc Cambley's business partner Andrew Adair, he was told they were trying to keep details of the illness 'quiet', it was claimed.After he died, she started a sexual relationship with the teenager. Sources said Mr Mc Cambley began to feel 'repulsed' by the mother of three.In an attempt to break up with her in late 2008, he is said to have told Mrs Robinson that he had cancer.The characters in The Graduate don’t see “avoidance” as problematic, they instead focus on “support.” Everyone has terrific, supportive things to say about Ben.He’s referred to as the “editor of the school paper,” a “track star,” a “ladies’ man,” a “Frank Helpingham Award Scholar.” However it seems like he’s doing very little to live up to the praise.As Elaine and Ben are on the bus riding away from the church, they are very happy (this a matter of degree, of course, because there is a moment when their smiles fade slightly and become looks of “Oh my God, what have we done? Robinson suggests that Ben give Elaine a call when she gets into town, but Ben puts that off for as long as possible. Robinson to meet her at the hotel, he puts off the actual act of getting a room (and consummating the affair), for as long as he can.”), but for the moment at least, Ben clearly thinks he has done the right thing. Most of the characters in the story are inclined to push Ben into make choices: to have an affair or not, to choose whether or not he’s going to grad school, to decide conclusively whether or not he’ll be taking out Elaine, etc. Yet rather than do something to remedy that problem, Mrs.The story comes to a climax when Ben decides not to take advantage of any of the options presented to him by the adult world. Elaine is also concerned with her future, graduating from college, marriage (to Ben or Carl), her relationship with her parents if she continues to see Ben, etc.Although everyone in the story sees great things for Ben’s future, he ultimately fails them all (evidenced by the horrified faces at the church), by throwing away the future they had in mind for him and running away with Elaine. He clearly has a great future ahead of him, possibly as a partner in Dad’s firm, maybe even marrying Elaine. Ben’s father is very concerned that Ben isn’t “taking stock in himself and getting off his ass.” Mr.However, it could be said that Ben is wasting his time and should stuff aside all of his feelings, lie about the affair, pretend to be interested in plastics, and move onto the business of aggressively pursuing his future. Robinson decides to seduce Ben; Ben later decides to take her up on her offer; Ben decides to acquiesce to a date with Elaine; Ben decides he’s going to marry Elaine; Elaine decides, at the altar, to leave her groom and run off with Ben. There is no particular time limit imposed on his decision to step into his future (although his parents do get a bit anxious at the length of time it seems to take him).That’s probably what he should start doing if he wants to achieve the objective story goal. In fact most of the story revolves around Ben’s weighing of options. Which is why everyone is concerned that Ben appears to be wasting all of his time doing “God knows what,” instead of taking the bull by the horns and setting goals.


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