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Ms feeds not updating

Also, it seems that Outlook’s send/receive process is getting slower because of the amount of RSS feeds that I have.

As my mail is my main priority, is there a way to configure Outlook in such a way that it will only download RSS feeds when I want to?

At this point, the S and R process "seems" to be working flawlessly, but none of my RSS feeds have updated.

I've tried some of the workarounds that I've found on the internet that were designed to fix this same problem with Outlook 2007, but none have worked. Thanks in advance, Bentonious I just tried to Send and Receive once more, and received the following error messages: Task 'RSS Feeds' reported error (0x800C0008) : 'Synchronization to RSS Feed:" Outlook cannot download the RSS content from because of a problem connecting to the server.' Task 'RSS Feeds' reported error (0x800C0008) : 'Unknown Error 0x800C0008 Task 'RSS Feeds' reported error (0x800C0008) : 'Synchronization to RSS Feed:" has failed.

Microsoft says Windows Update can automatically download Surface Dock firmware updates, but for some reason, that does not always happen.

Updating the firmware on Microsoft's Surface Dock is easy — if you know how to do it and you download the right utility: Microsoft's Surface Dock Updater, which is part of the company's Surface Tools for IT toolset.

I have been using Outlook for the last 18 months or so, and have subscribed to various RSS feeds for most of that time period, without any problems.

When Outlook doesn’t find a TTL, everything defaults to 60 minutes.Since windows 10 update notification appeared I have been having a lot of problems with my PC. Code 24.) - Sound Driver (No sound is made, until I disable and re-enable it in Device Manager) ...- Synaptics PS/2 Port Touch Pad (Driver Marked Yellow. On Aug 27, 2012 my system first indicated it had a problem because it could not install updates.Jeff Atwood, I finally understand what's going on and how to fix it. When a feed is added to Outlook, the default settings (which are hidden under the ‘Advanced’ button) are to .Outlook will not check a feed for new content more often than this minimum interval.So why are RSS feeds so darned slow to update in Outlook?After an email exchange and a little bit of prodding in the right direction from Yours Truly Mr.I've had a miserable experience with RSS feeds in Outlook, especially with my feeds from the Trilogy sites.I just know these feeds should update at least every few minutes, yet Outlook often takes an hour or more to show any changes.RSS feeds can easily become a distraction indeed but luckily you can modify your Send/Receive settings to exclude some or all your RSS feeds from updating when Outlook checks for mails.This has the added benefit of speeding up your send/receive performance as well.


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  3. Update RSS feeds on demand only. To disable your RSS feeds from updating automatically; Press the Edit button. From the Accounts list on the left, select; RSS;

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