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My computer stuck updating

Users of 2-in-1 PCs built around 2012 through to 2014 may also find themselves running into issues with Windows 10 installations thanks to Windows Update breaking.

If this problem affects you, we've outlined some help below alongside solutions to the most common Windows Update problems.

Windows 10 is *meant* to work with every Windows 7 and 8.1-compatible PC, but owners of some early 2-in-1 PC's running Windows 8 had discovered that isn't the case.

In the lastest Windows 10 Creators Update (build 1703) installation on these machines fails.

Yesterday I shut down the computer to let windows install the updates.

(I don't know what updates are being installed) The computer is stuck on: "Please do not power off or unplug your machine.

If a particular update is stuck at, say, 75% for an hour or two – don’t panic.

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If Windows Update has been throwing out error messages, then cross-check the error code contained within against that list – this will likely helpt you to discover the reasons the updates are failing in the first place.

Go to the appropriate folder, select all of the files and press Delete. The following fix is available on numerous forums and websites, and one of our kind readers brought our attention to it with a comment below. If you're using a VPN connection to connect to a work network, disconnect from the network and turn off the VPN software and try upgrading again.

If the files can’t be deleted because they're in use, you’ll need to restart your PC. These are generic errors that might appear any time a Windows update fails.

But there are occasions when it needs a helping hand.

Perhaps it's downloaded half of the update before deciding it doesn't want to stay connected to the server.


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