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Charlie Brock, CEO and President of Launch Tennessee, recommends finding a partner whose skills complement yours.

In other words, the right partner will have a strong skillset in areas where you may be lacking and vice versa.

The internet has literally changed the way we meet people.

While there was once a bit of a stigma associated with meeting your other half on an online dating site, now it’s almost rare to find a couple who hasn’t met on the latest dating app!

Matchmaking events are exceptional places to meet people who are just as eager to meet you.

Also called “brokerage events”, business matchmaking events allow people from similar industries or interests to come together and network in the easiest way possible, kind of like business speed dating.

Kylie was so awestruck by Ariel’s skills that she sent him a DM saying: “Next time you’re in town, let’s work together.” Ariel pretty much immediately hopped on the next flight to LA, and now his work is prominently featured on one of the more followed Instagram accounts on the entire network. With his angelic voice and boy band charm, little Justin’s videos were starting to gets lots of views on You Tube – just so happening to catch the attention of another former teen superstar named Usher.

Usher invited Justin to record with him in his Atlanta studio – where he shaped him into the mega star we know today.

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Make sure potential partners understand what your core purpose is and know that you mean business.Matchmaking events let you rake through less promising attendees and find the ideal partners, all within a short window of time.To put it simply, matchmaking events don’t waste any of your time.While not necessarily a red carpet celeb (yet), all it took was one tweet and a carefully crafted Wix website for Nina Mufleh to grab the attention of Airbnb’s CEO. Dead set on a job at Airbnb, Nina knew that she’d need more than a standard resume to get the attention of the top boss at her dream job, so she smartly created an unusual application via a Wix website, and sent it out into the Twittersphere. Before she became known for her own high-end lipstick line, Kylie Jenner must have been searching Instagram like the rest of us for some beauty inspiration.In fact, that’s how she met her now go-to makeup artist, Ariel Tejada. The year was 2009, and at the time a little-known 12 year old from Ontario, Canada was just starting to upload home videos of him singing onto You Tube.Here are some of the bigger business deals that were made via social media. The hyper-successful app has basically rebranded the word ‘ride.’ But did you know, Uber may not be the company we know today if it wasn’t for this pretty ominous Tweet that founder Travis Kalanick sent out in 2010?What happened next was a pretty simple reply that led to Uber’s first employee – Ryan Graves.Not only does having a partner with different skills help your current business pursuit, but it teaches you to improve in weaker areas and ultimately master them, making the probability of success in future projects even greater.On Entrepreneur.com, Stever Robbins advocates for utilizing your local business community.


  1. Feb 10, 2014. Being a single lady in Boston is hard. Sure, there are a number of different activities around Boston for one to do in the place of a Valentine's Day date night, but it's hard not to feel a wee bit lonely come the 14th but strength in numbers, right. You've maxed out your friends' introductions to potential new.

  2. CoFoundr If your purpose of joining this network is to start a new web venture, membership requires a valid University or work email address, which means high. There is a website where if you need business partner, simply, post your business and anyone around the world may contact you and invest in your business.

  3. Apr 16, 2015. In order to turn an idea into a thriving business, sometimes it's crucial to team up with another visionary rather than going at it solo. Finding the right business partner can be a daunting task. In order to turn. It's easy to get lost in the excitement of a new business pursuit and forget what the ultimate goal is.

  4. Feb 11, 2009. For a searchable online database of small venture capital firms, visit the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies website. For those who prefer to avoid the dating scene, there's PartnerUp.com, which matches entrepreneurs with business partners, co-founders, and board members.

  5. Partner Directory – Esri Partner Network. Our global partners offer expertise, solutions, and services to support the goals of your organization Partner Directory. Global Alliances. Esri aligns with companies to develop services and solutions that create business value. Global Alliances.

  6. Mar 29, 2015. In a world where it is getting harder and more frustrating to get the ideal business partner or startup co-founder, it has become more important for online platforms. This has been compared to the dating site Match.com, but for the tech co-founders, developers, designers and other geeks all over the world.

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