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I have a crush on an acquaintance of mine, but I'm afraid to approach him because I haven't dated in years (just got out of a long relationship last year).

Matt says women in New York make lots of dating mistakes and I'm afraid of doing the wrong thing.

There are so many damn people you would think it’d be easier, but it’s not. What makes New York equally amazing and horrible for dating is the sheer number of options.

Some people are dating purely for the stories, whether they know it or not. In New York, Tinder is so accepted as a means of meeting that elusive attractive individual who lives three blocks from you and ALSO loves hamentashen, you might not even lie to your grandparents about it. There’s a ton of awesome stuff to do in the city, and since you probably have an awesome and more chill time doing it with your established friends, you’re not likely to risk doing anything "fun" on your list with a potentially lame stranger. If the date goes badly, inevitably you end up doing something super awkward like saying goodbye and then walking to the train in the same direction and slowly trying to fall back.

Tamsen Fadal and Matt Titus, our favorite New York City dating and relationship experts, answer your questions about how to find someone special in New York City, dating unavailable men, getting back into the NYC dating pool after a hiatus, and rude date behavior.

Single Guy in Soho writes: I am a 24-year-old straight male who has been living in New York for almost 4 years.

By approaching potential love interests, you are making a statement.

What makes someone interesting and unique is their behavior, not necessarily their looks.

Read more New York City dating advice from Matt and Tamsen or visit their site.

Think about it, how can a complete stranger's reaction to you really affect your level of self-confidence? Also, by approaching a stranger it shows you what kind of person they are by the way they react to your approach.

If he is open, kind and secure, then maybe he is someone that is worth your time.

Five minutes into the date, his cell phone rings and he excuses himself and takes the call outside. Cell phones, Blackberries, and i Phones should be turned off and put away.

This is just a precursor for what might be in store for you if you get involved with a person like this.


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