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Implicit in the service is that the field will be winnowed down to only high-quality candidates.Not only will your virtual dating assistant make sure you meet attractive women online, he or she will work to actually make you more attractive to others by tweaking and enhancing various features as time goes on.Eventually, he developed a somewhat more scientific system that he applied to successfully win 79 first dates in one year — including one that actually ended in marriage.

With affluent men spending more hours in the office than ever before — and outsourcing all the rage — it seems only natural that outside help be recruited to handle social affairs.The site doesn’t give off a same-sex-friendly vibe either, for that matter (emphasizing the opportunity to meet “gorgeous women” only), which in this day and age is simply short-sighted.There isn’t a lot that the duo behind Wingman, the dating startup launched this month in Philadelphia, will let their customers know about them.Based in Miami, Fla., Virtual Dating offers a range of other related services, including image consulting and social coaching services.Why the company tailors its services only to men is unclear — but with so many female executives rising through the ranks — enjoying less and less time to meet others and date — it should consider changing its focus sooner than later.Eventually, he’d toss his phone to J, and three minutes later, J had scheduled B a date with the girl he’d been pursuing on a dating app for weeks. With Wingman, clients can professionally outsource their dating apps, hiring an anonymous wingman familiar with their personal preferences and schedule to swipe, chat, and schedule dates – not just for them, but them.“Dating apps have become a core part – whether we like it or not – of having a great dating experience,” says B.This is the first time I've spoken with Ally and, aside from the small thumbnail in her Gmail account, I have little concept of who she is or what she looks like.By the time we hang up, though, she'll know more about me than many of my friends, family and co-workers do.For both fans and naysayers of Wingman, there’s lots of intrigue in the cascade of moral (and legal) questions raised by its proposition. J and B’s answers: They’ll only do your initial swiping, sorting, and scheduling – once you arrive at that first date, you’re on your own.“The conclusion we came to,” says B, “is that a lot of the initial messaging is a very similar, very superficial digital song and dance.” “It’s not like we’re adopting an alternative persona for people, or sitting in their ear through a mic,” adds J. And a lot of our clients are willing to take the time to pursue one person they’re really interested in, but even if they’re looking for that person, they’d rather pay us to take the first steps and maximize their efficiency.” When it came to legality, though, J and B needed more help.


  1. Sep 22, 2009. If you're a working woman or a busy single mamma, you may not have time to do your laundry every week, much less look for love, how about subcontracting your dating life? SheKnows offers tips on how to outsource your love life.

  2. Nov 14, 2014. What are your typical clients like? ​ Our typical clients are a mix of guys who are simply too busy to online date, and others who are having trouble getting results and just say, "This isn't working for me, you guys are professionals—show me how it's done." How many customers do you have, and how much.

  3. Download MP3 iTunes Soundcloud Raw RSS. This was a really fun interview for me. Why? Because Scott Valdez, my guest entrepreneur on today's podcast, started a business called Virtual Dating Assistants. Scott's business is all about outsourcing your online dating so you only have to show up to go on the dates.

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