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Parent dating again

Does every song on Spotify seem like its directed straight to your weary heart?

Wherever you go, a memory of you and your ex emerges from the archives of your mind only to release the flood gates to a river of tears which feel out of control.

Can you identify the lesson to be learnt from this recent experience?

Sometimes, if not most times, our expectations of the relationship or life in general does not match up to the reality of it all. If for a moment you can allow yourself to shift your perspective to a place of wonder at the unpredictability of life and understand that an infinite amount of opportunities await then you are on your way to bliss. Wayne Dyer said, "You will see it when you believe it", and not the other way around.

If you are still figuring out why it all went to shit from those dreamy first few months together, then here are five essential tips that helped me rise above those sleepless nights and re-discover the joys of starting out all over again.

Saying things to your supposed loved one that afterwards left you thinking, "What the fuck did I just say?

" That's your subconscious mind taking matters into its own hands. Don't be afraid to ask yourself the hardest questions and ultimately was your ex your ideal partner?

Remember, it's OK not to not be OK and don't feel shy to turn to that BFF for some shoulder space.

Emotions are our bodies' way of dealing with change and the most effective way to release them is by expressing them.


  1. Dating, divorce, and your kids. They routinely changehis wikipedia page to depict him asa sad widower. When a parent starts dating again.

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