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Phylogenetics and dating with

The bats (Chiroptera) are one such group where many phylogenetic studies have focused either on understanding higher-level bat relationships (e.g.

However, achieving this goal will take much time and effort.In the meantime, species level phylogenies may be rapidly reconstructed with already available data using several approaches.One is the construction of phylogenetic supertrees where available trees and taxonomies are united into a summary cladogram [7].One simple reason for this focus is that general interest questions, such as where and how the major divisions of life fit together, can be answered through sampling relatively few taxa, in a relatively cost and time effective manner.Yet, more detailed species-level phylogenies, often lagging far behind, are the most useful tools for evolutionary and ecological analyses.Here, we provide cytochrome b gene tree for over 50% of bat species (648 total taxa).Cytb not only is the most widely available marker for most mammals, but also has been shown to be a particularly reliable phylogenetic marker (e.g. Thus according with prior analyses of other mammal groups [3] [4] [5] [6], the cytb gene tree can be expected to at least roughly approximate the species-level phylogeny of Chiroptera.The sequences were aligned in Mesquite [17], a trivial task given that it is a protein-coding gene with no implied gaps.The appropriate model for the Bayesian analysis was selected with j Modeltest [18] using the AIC criterion [19]. Bayesian analysis was performed using Mr Bayes V3.1.2 [22] with settings as in [3] [4] with separate model estimation for first, second, and third codon positions.Another is the creation of supermatrices based on available character data.Both approaches make available useful research tools, which may have different strengths.


  1. Expanded phylogenetic and dating analyses of the apples and their relatives Pyreae, Rosaceae Eugenia Y. Y. Lo⇑, Michael J. Donoghue Department of Ecology and.

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