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Problem with dating married man

Some women, who may find it unable to get a man of their own, find great pleasure in stealing someone else's husband.In certain rare cases, a woman may be genuinely in love with a married man, who in turn may also reciprocate her feelings. If it's a fling for thrill, then the two parties involved will eventually go their own ways, but if they are genuinely in love with each other, the relationship can be traumatic for them as well as their respective families.This experience is full of challenges and women who love challenges simply grab this opportunity.This also means a safe game for women who are reluctant to commit and expect the same of their partner.

He and his wife may actually have a reasonably happy marriage and you'd be none the wiser.

Being in a relationship with a married man is not at all gratifying.

You will be left alone more often than you think, as the man has his responsibilities towards his wife and children.

Sure, there are people who manage to pull it off, but do you really want to take the gamble and find out whether or not you'll beat the odds? A married man who is willing to cheat on his wife will clearly say anything to convince another woman she's doing nothing wrong by being with him.

He's not beneath telling you how horrible his wife is or that they fight constantly and he just can't take her drama and abuse any longer.


  1. I am dating a guy who is in a unhappy marriage. He sleeps on the. Take his story at face value and we notice his proclivity to weasle his way around problems — rather than deal with them head on. To be blunt, his story really sounds like a well worn story that a married guy uses to get laid outside his marriage. It plays.

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