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Qprogressdialog not updating

I tried hidding "cancel" and "close" buttons, but if the user press "ESC" the window still closes. class Cover Progress Dialog(QProgress Dialog): def __init__(self, gui, total_books, some_more_params): self.total_books = total_books QProgress Dialog.__init__(self, '', QString('Cancel'), 0, self.total_books, gui) = gui # ... If I'd had to rely on the Py Qt online documentation, I'd still be reading...

it strikes me as a wonderful resource for those who already know most of the answers. which brings me to another question, is there a good manual for learning about Py Qt, with lots of examples?

But the problem is when the user doesn't cancel, but closes the window.

I found 'Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt' by Mark Summerfield.

The early chapters were good enough to give me a jackie_w, I do the same way than you do (I also look at kiwidude's code).

I was using a QProgess Bar, after looking kiwidude's Quality Check plugin.

I works OK, but I have a problem when the user cancel the process.


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