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There was some criticism that the album was sold under "Marty Casey and Lovehammers" as opposed to their current bandname - "Swinging Lovehammers" - however, fans generally understood that the album's purpose was to capitalize on Marty's TV exposure and to increase their fan base.

Casey continues to tour with Lovehammers, now as headliners. Guns parted ways with Alexus Records and that he was unsure whether the material recorded with Marty Casey or the VH1 pilot would ever be released.

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So really fusing those and keeping those so tight; that’s the foundation of the line.

When we release a new piece, we have a piece of unreleased music that goes along with it too.

On his Rock Star: INXS blog, Casey wrote: "I love writing music and I think performing those creations completes the cycle and helps me define my life.

Writing music is the thought and performing is the action.

Great thoughts must be put into action in order to exist.

As natives of Chicago's South Side, they are avid fans of the Chicago White Sox, and were particularly excited to be asked to play before some games in October 20. Casey returned to the Lovehammers in 2009 in order to record and release the album Heavy Crown.

In January 2009, Casey conducted a two-week solo acoustic tour of New Zealand, in support of charity Can Teen, which supports young people living with cancer.


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