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Casey spoke frequently of being "humbled" and "honored" by all the support he received.

On his Rock Star: INXS blog, Casey wrote: "I love writing music and I think performing those creations completes the cycle and helps me define my life.

While touring with artists including Nickelback, During the competition, Casey gained the respect of the INXS band members as well as viewers.

Casey continues to tour with Lovehammers, now as headliners. Guns parted ways with Alexus Records and that he was unsure whether the material recorded with Marty Casey or the VH1 pilot would ever be released.After years of building a strong local following in Chicago, Illinois and the Midwest, Casey achieved international fame on the first season of the reality show Rock Star: INXS. As a child and youth, Casey was an avid sportsman, competing in both baseball and wrestling.Casey made it to the final two of the competition, finishing as the runner-up to winner J. When he was eight years old he met future Swinging Lovehammers bandmates Bobby and Dino Kourelis while playing together on a local T-Ball team.Writing music is the thought and performing is the action.Great thoughts must be put into action in order to exist.When I have the opportunity to play music, I don’t necessarily want to be just in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt... You want to get up there and do this performance and you want to dress the part too; wear something unique to make yourself stand out, and when Marla came to me with the idea of beginning the line, she really understood that.You like to stand out and do unique things and make something that’s completely your own.So really fusing those and keeping those so tight; that’s the foundation of the line.When we release a new piece, we have a piece of unreleased music that goes along with it too.He was a member of Star Course, a student run organization at the University of Illinois.He was also a member of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.


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